Why Lamborghini won’t produce its own electric motor?

Amid the explosion of electric motors on the international scene, we find ourselves with a debate that will make sense in the coming years. How will supercar manufacturers differentiate themselves from the competition? This is an issue that is essential to consider. Lamborghini is one of those brands that are in the process of electrification. Hybrid or electric variants are not yet available ( except for the Launcher concept ) but it is known that they will end up offering these options. 

Now, does this mean that they will produce their electric drives? The truth is that most likely not. This is due, above all, to the problem related to the very efficiency of this technology. Conventional combustion engines do have differential technologies between manufacturers. In this case, the Italian firm is characterized by mounting the classic atmospheric V12, which can be very different from any alternative with a turbo. 

The reason why Lamborghini does not manufacture electric motors

Surely you have ever read or heard about the incredible simplicity of electric motors, right? The efficiency of these products is very remarkable, so the improvements that can be obtained are already very residual. It should be noted that one of the main characteristics of this type of engine is its ability to deliver full torque from the start. This does not happen in heat engines, since they only offer the maximum peak during a certain range of revolutions. 

Lamborghini believes that the great differentiation that its cars with electrical mechanics will have will lie in other aspects related to performance. The suspension, transmission, and aerodynamic controls will be some of the elements on which the Italian manufacturer will focus, as Rouven Mohr, director of technology, has assured in statements to The Drive. It is expected that the development of patents will not be shared with other firms in the group or other manufacturers in the market. 

Lamborghini Lanzador Concept

It is important to note, however, that Lamborghini has been under the orders of the Volkswagen group for a few years. Some of his creations share many pieces with other models of the brand. The best example of this is the combination of synergies between the Lamborghini Huracán and the Audi R8. It seems like a future in which decisive aspects such as those mentioned above will determine the future of the industry. 

The small details, therefore, will be the ones that will make the difference when buying a car with the Lamborghini logo or any other Volkswagen manufacturer. These companies, without a doubt, face a somewhat more complicated future. Maintaining differentiation seems to be more difficult, so they must make more significant investments now to ensure a competitive advantage later. 

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