2022 Audi RS3: Prices, Technical data and Start of sales

The absolute top model of the A3 series – the RS3 – was presented. The RS3 optionally comes with a full 290 km / h top speed and a new, standard-fit torque split system. Fast, faster, Audi RS3: The new Audi RS3 comes with a lot of power, an even sportier look, and all kinds of technical innovations. The focus is on improving the dynamics, in which the so-called torque split system is used.

  • New Audi RS3
  • 290 km / h top speed
  • Torque split system ensures more dynamics
  • 7 driving programs possible
  • 400 HP power
  • 0-100 km / h in 3.8 seconds
  • The basic price is 60,000 euros

The time has finally come: the new Audi RS3 has now been unveiled and is thus going to attract customers against top dogs like the BMW M2 and the Mercedes AMG A45. Here you will find everything you need to know about the new sports model, including a video that answers questions about the torque split, the new driving modes, and the sound:

New Audi RS3: exterior design

2022 Audi RS3

Sporty, sporty, colleague! The Audi S3 already has aggressive and sporty styling, and the RS3 goes a step further. The offspring of the Audi A3 combines a confident demeanor with just as confident driving performance. So the Audi RS3 insists on entering the competition with a broad chest: with a widened bumper, wide-mesh radiator grille and tapered LED headlights, the RS3 lives up to its sporty reputation.

As the saying goes? You don’t know what you’ve had until it’s over. For the RS3 this means: Before you know it, it has probably already raced by long ago and leaves astonished observers: inside nothing more than dust on the face and the question of when you can catch another glimpse of the model in the wild. The standard LED rear lights, which are equipped with dynamic flashing lights, also contribute to its lively appearance.

Also part of the party: Chic and athletic-looking 19-inch cast wheels with 10 Y-spokes. If that’s too many spokes for you, you can halve the number when ordering and have the RS3 delivered with only 5 Y-spokes in the rim.

2022 Audi RS3

For fans of unusual paintwork, Audi has the color Kyalami green ready. This bright color knows no ifs or buts and of course, immediately catches the eye. If you can’t do anything with such a color balance, simply take Kemora gray and thus probably also ensure an easier resale, if someone wants to give up their RS3 at all.

New Audi RS3: interior

What was started outside continues in the interior: racing feeling wherever you look. Sporty accents such as an instrument panel made of carbon and RS-specific details contribute to this. Details? Well, the entire interior is RS-specific in detail! For example, the RS sports seats with the corresponding embossing or the flattened RS steering wheel.

Drivers are shown the information on a gigantic 12.3-inch display. Sporty graphics settings are of course part of the program. A large 10.1-inch touchscreen display is also part of the standard equipment, which integrates the so-called RS monitor. If you want a head-up display, RS3 is the right place for you (for a surcharge).

2022 Audi RS3

Buyers can exude an even more RS feeling inside with the help of the optional RS design packages. Then there are the decorative seams, the seat shoulders and the bridge between the air nozzles in either red or green, the belt straps with colored edges.

New Audi RS3: suspension and torque split system

What else can you expect from a compact sports car than a tightly tuned chassis? Of course, the Audi RS3 is trimmed for a sporty driving style – there is no time for soft suspension and swaying. The additional lowering by a full 10 millimeters gives drivers the feeling that they are sticking to the road.

2022 Audi RS3

At this point, we want to pay special attention to the built-in torque split system. All other variants of the A3 series that are equipped with all-wheel drive have to be satisfied with the Haldex system, which consists of a rear axle differential and a multi-plate clutch package.

Not so with the RS3: Audi has taken a shelf higher for the top model and shaken the so-called torque split system off its sleeve. To ensure better and more stable driving performance, the rear axle torque split system actively distributes the drive torque between the right and left rear wheel via two multi-plate clutches. The adjustment is made depending on the setting, whereby this can be between zero and 100 percent. Even easier: With the help of this technology, the outside or inside rear wheel can accelerate independently of the other.

The RS3 also has progressive steering, which ensures more precise steering and driving behavior. Friends of driving mode selection will probably feel comfortable in the RS3: There are seven driving programs to choose from, namely Comfort, Auto, Dynamic, Efficiency, RS Individual, RS Performance, and RS Torque Rear.

New Audi RS3: engine

After all the innovations, it’s kind of nice to hear that there is something that will last. We are talking about the 2.5-liter TFSI engine, which has been around for several years. As with its predecessor, the RS3 will have an output of 400 hp. Sad that there are no more? More horsepower is not always a sign of improvement, after all, this engine has been named “International Engine of the Year” nine times in a row.

2022 Audi RS3

The datasheet shows more than clear that the engine is tough: from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds, which is the best among compact athletes. It is not for nothing that the Audi RS3 can confidently call itself the fastest series compact car on the market. The speedster develops its maximum power between 2,250 and 5,600 revolutions – earlier than its predecessor. Then a maximum torque of 500 Nm is available.

At 250 km / h, however, the acceleration is over: here it is electronically governed. Since more money usually means more performance, buyers can: with slightly higher investment, spurt up to 280 km / h inside. But that was not all, after all, he had to earn the title of “Fastest Series Compact Car”.

2022 Audi RS3

If you order the RS dynamic package, you will not only get blue ceramic brakes, gray or red-painted brake calipers, and an RS sports suspension plus, but also 10 km / h more. The limit here is only 290 km / h. So far, no other compact car has been able to do this ex-works.

To enjoy the full extent of the acceleration, the engine is connected to a seven-speed DSG.

New Audi RS3: prices and the start of sales

Interested buyers can pre-order the Audi RS3 from August 2021. The market launch will take place in autumn this year.

The Audi RS3 Sportback will be available for 60,000 euros. If you prefer to drive the RS3 sedan, add 2,000 euros on top and end up with a base price of 62,000 euros.

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