Ford ends production of supercar with GT LM

The Ford GT is set to end its production run at the end of 2022, and with that comes the end of the brand’s reborn GT. In honor of the 2016 Le Mans class win, Ford ships its supercar with a special edition under the 2022 GT LM name . As you can imagine, the initials of the model represent the race for which it was built: Le Mans.

While the hardware under the GT LM is effectively the same as the rest of the GT production units, the LM model adds a badge made from the third-place 2016 Ford GT crankshaft, a unique interior theme and a “liquid silver” paint shade. Each GT Heritage Edition LM features applied red or blue tinted accents in honor of the winning 2016 GT livery . It also boasts some unique 3D-printed elements, such as the titanium exhaust and “GT LM” badge.

The exterior of the Ford GT LM features red or blue accents and red- or optionally blue-tinted exposed carbon fiber on the lower extremities. This includes the front diffuser, the side and door sills, and the rear diffuser. The engine compartment bulkhead and wing mirror stems are also available in a red or blue-tinted exposed carbon fiber tint. Also exclusive to the LM edition are 20-inch carbon fiber wheels with red or blue accents on the inner arms.

Hidden behind them are a set of black-lacquered Brembo-signed brake calipers , while the wheels themselves are held in place by similarly painted titanium lug nuts. As with previous Heritage Editions, the defining factors apply to exterior and interior trim, while the GT LM retains the twin-turbocharged 3.5-litre EcoBoost V6 rated at 655PS and 750Nm .

Ford GT LM

Inside, the Ford GT LM features a bespoke interior, with carbon fiber seats wrapped in Alcantara , with the driver’s seat being somewhat more colourful; and yes, you guessed it, it can be red or blue. The passenger seat, while still Ebony, is adorned with tone-on-tone stitching to match the driver’s side. Even the start button remains the same, color-coded with the rest of the car’s theme. The rest of the interior continues to feature a lot of carbon fiber, Ebony leather and Alcantara.

“With innovative materials, design and engineering, the Ford GT is unlike any other mass-produced supercar,” said Mark Rushbrook , global director, Ford Performance Motorsports. “As we close this chapter on the Ford GT road car, the GT LM Edition gave us the opportunity to inject even more of the heart and soul of this champion model, honoring our victory at Le Mans in 2016.” Although the price has not been announced, the 22 units of the GT LM Edition will be manufactured before the end of the year.

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