2023 Mercedes G-Class Facelift, Spy Shot & Review

A facelift for the Mercedes G-Class is pending. A camouflaged model has now been spotted on test drives – a new 4×4 version also seems to be in the planning stage. We have pictures and information for you.

We probably didn’t expect to see the Mercedes-AMG G-Class 4×4 so quickly. Mercedes does not shy away from equipping the rustic off-road vehicle classic with a powerful AMG engine. In 2021, the powerful vehicle with all-wheel drive is to be launched as a 2022 model.

  • Mercedes G-class facelift sighted
  • 4.0-liter V-8 engine with 585 hp
  • 4×4 model in progress
  • Raised body
  • Roof rack and spare wheel
  • Rather minor design changes
  • Market launch expected for early summer 2022

Specifications and exterior design

First of all: The changes to the design of the G-Class will only be very minor. This is also confirmed by the new pictures that have appeared from the Mercedes off-road vehicle. The front and rear are camouflaged, but the headlights don’t seem to get an update and the grille will probably remain as it is – in any case, it will not be hidden.

2023 Mercedes G-Class

But why should you change the look of a well-running model like the G-Class? After all, it is precisely the angular design that has been well received by interested customers for decades.

The G-Class stays true to its cornerstone, it’s practical. Therefore, the car certainly has a roof rack again and a spare wheel that is attached to the rear. In addition, the model comes with high ground clearance, the body is considerably increased. Here you could already find references to a new 4 × 4 square version that should be planned for the G-Class.

Not only the higher undercarriage but also a ladder frame and a ladder on the back should be available for this model so that it is easier to access your luggage on the roof. A model for extreme outdoor travelers.

2023 Mercedes G-Class

Engines and handling

So far we can only speculate about new engines. The facelift may switch to the 500 petrol engine from the current S-Class. That would then be an in-line six-cylinder with an additional electric motor. But don’t worry, for prestige reasons alone, the G63 model will certainly retain the V8 engine.

2023 Mercedes G-Class

It is unlikely that a plug-in hybrid version will be introduced for the facelift. A fully electric G-Class, the Mercedes EQG, is planned for 2024, which would probably save you the work of a hybrid.

2023 Mercedes G-Class Prices and the start of sales

The market launch for the facelift and the presentation of the 4×4 model could take place in early summer 2022. It is not yet clear what prices will be called. The facelift will certainly cost a little more than the current model.

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