Mercedes EQG: The off-road vehicle becomes electric

Mercedes either already has an electric version on the market from pretty much every vehicle segment, or is in the planning stage. The popular SUV G-Class here is no exception and will come Mercedes EQG sooner or later to the market. We made an exclusive rendering of the electric G-Class and show you what the EQG could look like.

Mercedes has registered the EQG name, which is a very sure sign that there will be an electric G-Class. Read on and find out what the popular off-roader could offer as an electric SUV.

  • EQG 560 and 580 are protected as trademarks
  • The premiere is expected in 2022
  • Uses the architecture of the EQS
  • A new hyper screen infotainment system is on board
  • 108 kWh battery
  • Range of over 640 kilometers possible
  • 0 to 100 km / h in just over 4.0 seconds

Daimler AG has reportedly registered the names EQG 560 and EQG 580. This suggests that the all-electric EQ series could soon be supplemented by electric G-Class models.

An electric version of the iconic SUV was announced back in 2018, and the EQG name was registered even earlier.

Exterior design

The Mercedes EQG is to take on design elements of the current G-Class models with the upcoming EQS sedan and the EQS SUV. Our exclusive rendering of the EQG should give you a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect.

The characteristic, angular lines and the chunky body receive a futuristic makeover with LED headlights and taillights as well as a grille similar to that of the EQS sedan. There will also be two-tone paintwork like the EQS.

Mercedes EQG: interior

The interior of the EQG is designed to incorporate many of the ultra-luxurious design elements of the EQS. The two-screen infotainment system is probably similar to that in the S-Class, but there is certainly also the option of purchasing a huge “hyper screen” infotainment system like the one in the EQS for an additional charge (see below).

This new layout consists of a huge piece of glass that houses three built-in touchscreens, 12-inch units on either side, and an 18-inch display in the middle. Face recognition, “Hey Mercedes” voice control and all current smartphone and navigation functions will be on board.

Apart from infotainment, the minimalist approach of the G-Class will continue throughout the interior, with configurable LED lighting, slim air vents, and fine interior materials.

Battery, range, and performance

The EQG models will likely get their electric drives from the EQS sedan, which means the EQG 580 will get two electric motors with up to 523 hp along with a 108 kWh battery pack. In the lighter and lower EQS 580, this leads to a sprint from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.3 seconds and a range of up to 770 kilometers. It is to be expected that these values ​​will decrease due to the larger size and weight of the EQG.

A smaller 90 kWh battery may also be offered, which could be built into the EQG 560. Rear-wheel drive and single motor as in the EQS will probably not exist for the off-road EQG. The 761 hp AMG performance variant, which will first be seen in the EQS models, is much more likely.

All versions of the new electric off-road vehicle are expected to be equipped with a 200 kW quick charge function.

Mercedes EQG: prices and the start of sales

There’s no official release date for the EQG yet, although performance seems possible in late 2022 and production will begin soon after. The prices for the current G-Class start at just over 100,000 euros. Judging by the other Mercedes EQ models, the EQG 560 will probably cost at least 120,000 euros.

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