Audi A4 2022: New Look & New Tech from B10

The Audi A4 that is currently marketed corresponds to the fifth generation (B9). Since the first delivery hit the world in 1995, it has become a benchmark to follow in the premium mid-size saloon segment. What’s more, with more than 7.5 million units sold, it is one of the most successful models of the Bavarian manufacturer. Therefore, each time it is necessary to update it, its managers must do it with great care.

Before just before, the EA189 diesel scandal became public, Audi AG approved the technical development of the A4 B10. At that time, the sixth installment of the German sedan would remain faithful to the technical scheme of previous generations, that is, use the MLB platform. However, the “emissions” crisis forced the Volkswagen Group to save on costs, and the model with the four rings would not escape them.

It was then when the rumors began to spread at ease, spreading the following situation. The Volkswagen Group proposed a change in the platform of the Audi A4 B10. According to the German consortium, the Ingolstadt house could adapt the MQB platform to accommodate the sixth delivery of its mid-size sedan. However, despite the great flexibility of this base, the brand’s engineers were not convinced.

The A4 is framed in the premium segment and being developed on the MLB platform gives it a plus of exclusivity compared to other models of the consortium. Technically, it is not the same to offer a model with a longitudinal than a transverse engine, although this implies a lack of rear-drive. All in all, it seems that they would have finally gotten away with it, as the development of the A4 B10 did not quite convince the engineers.

Audi A4 2022
Audi A4 2022

If this had not been the case, the Volkswagen Group would have saved more than € 1 billion over the commercial life of the A4 B10. Even so, it seems that they will not put the scissors here, but will go for other models from the Ingolstadt manufacturer’s catalog. Apparently, and we return to the rumors again, the S5 Sportback and A7 Sportback would be on the tightrope, as they could be relieved by a single model.

To take over, they would be thinking of a model powered by battery power. This could well be the Audi e-Tron GT, although due to its technique and positioning, it will be located one notch higher in the range. All in all, the arrival of the next Audi A4 B10 would be scheduled for 2022, so there is still time for plans to change two or three more times.

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