BMW M3 Touring 2022: First Look & Photos

Now it’s official: there will be a BMW M3 Touring for the first time! In the sixth generation, the rumors from the past come true and you can look forward to a top-class sports station wagon. We have the latest information for you and an exclusive rendering of what the M3 Touring could look like.

Hard to believe but BMW builds the M3 Touring. The new M3 celebrated its premiere in September 2020, but we will have to wait a while for the M3 Touring – child’s play, after all, fans have been waiting for five generations for the sports station wagon. To shorten the waiting time a bit, we already have a rendering and show you what the M3 Touring will look like.

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Why the M3 Touring has been a long time coming, fans probably cannot understand, after all, the competition has long had sport suits in their range. It remains to be seen whether the BMW M3 Touring can prevail against the tried and tested models from Audi and Mercedes.

BMW M3 Touring 2022

Prices and the start of sales

The new BMW M3 and the Coupé version M4 premiered in September 2020 and will celebrate the market launch in March 2021. The base price for the M3 is 82,500 euros. Since touring models are usually a little more expensive, we assume that the M3 Touring could cost 84,000 euros. It will take a while until we have more information, after all, BMW has only announced the market launch for 2022, and the M3 Touring will probably not be available at dealers until 2023.

Engines and driving behavior

If the first M3 Touring wants to prevail against the competition – namely Audi’s RS4 Avant and the Mercedes C63 AMG T-model – it primarily needs powerful engines. We are probably talking about 480 hp and a three-liter in-line six-cylinder engine for the standard model. The competition version could come with 510 hp.

BMW M3 Touring 2022

The sports station wagon will also come with an automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. Those who prefer it puristic could also choose the basic version as a rear-wheel-drive with 6-speed manual transmission.

BMW M3 Touring 2022 Exterior design

BMW recently announced that they will soon see the prototype of the new M3 Touring. On the only teaser image published so far, only the rear can be seen. Of course, the double tailpipes in black and a diffuser in carbon look immediately catch the eye. The L-shaped rear lights can also be found and protrude into the town halls, which, as usual for a sports model, are displayed a little further.

We imagine the M3 Touring with a distinctive sideline, the large grill will certainly also adorn the Touring, and large air inlets ensure that the engine does not get too warm during a sporty drive. The front headlights are narrow and elongate below the bonnet, which gives the M3 Touring a somewhat nasty look, but which goes well with the very self-confident appearance of the entire vehicle.

BMW M3 Touring 2022 Interior

The interior of the M3 Touring is sure to be very similar to that of the M3. A sports steering wheel, M sports seats, carbon, leather, and other design highlights, as can be seen on the interior picture of the M3, is set. We also assume that there will be a display in the center console facing the driver, as well as a digital cockpit. On the whole, the interior of the M3 Touring should hardly differ from the M3.

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