BMW XM So Powerfull & So Innovative

BMW presented the XM concept in the early morning hours of November 30th. We have the current pictures and tell you everything that is known about the sports flagship so far.

BMW has now presented the XM concept. Here you will find all the details and pictures of the manufacturer’s upcoming top model.

  • BMW XM concept presented
  • Outlook on the strongest series M model ever built
  • New front design
  • Only available as M Hybrid
  • 80 km electric range
  • 750 hp power
  • Completely redesigned cockpit
  • Start of production at the end of 2022

Exterior design

The New XM will get a new front design and as shown in the concept, the kidney grille is very large, angular, and framed by bright LED headlights. The XM is extravagant and the design is not only intended for this model. BMW would like to provide the luxury class models with this individual design in 2022.

The new division of the front lights creates a strong expression, the kidney, all in black, looks as if it just seems to float and a very striking contour lighting also stages the kidney again.


The A-pillars are colored black and make a stable look, in addition, the windshield is a little flatter and therefore very dynamic. The concept also includes LED searchlights on the roof area above the A-pillars, the shape of which looks like the two air inlets in the bonnet.

On the side, the XM concept looks very powerful and independent. The body has a coupé character, which can be recognized by the long bonnet and the stretched and sloping roofline. A two-tone paint finish also highlights the lines of the XM and very classic M exterior mirrors indicate the sportiness of the vehicle.

From the rear, the vehicle looks very sporty and flat, the charging connection for the hybrid is behind the left front wheel. The rear window sits almost without a transition and you can see the new arrangement of the BMW logo on the window below the roof pillars.

The tailpipes are arranged vertically and appear classic and modern at the same time.

Engines and driving behavior

Not that much is known about the drive system and motors. What is clear, however, is that the XM will come as a plug-in hybrid – and only as such. This gives you a purely electric range of 80 kilometers. The M hybrid drive has also been newly developed and combines a V8 engine with a sporty electric motor. So it is not surprising that in the end there is an output of 750 hp and a whopping 1,000 Nm of torque.


As a hybrid model, the XM will be M GmbH’s first electrified performance model and thus shows where it will go in the future.

BMW XM: interior and infotainment

BMW XM Interior

The interior will be just as extravagant as the exterior design. What you can expect here, too, is a driver-oriented cockpit design. The lines and surfaces of the center console, seats, and instrument panels show the progressive design of the XM.

The brown leather in vintage look, copper elements, and carbon contribute in combination to create a good mix of luxury and motorsport. The driver orientation is also noticeable in the fact that a so-called decorative clasp after the center console visually separates the driver’s area from the rest.

Inside, everything is both sporty and luxurious. The curved display is just as much an element as the red accents on the steering wheel and the center console, which of course cannot be missing on M models.

In the back seat, the passengers come first: inside first. A luxurious and extravagant lounge atmosphere should make traveling in the XM as pleasant as possible. The materials are particularly chosen and tinted rear side windows also contribute to the private character of the lounge.


The back row of seats was held in a rich petrol shade, deep seat hollows are meant to serve as relaxation and the diamond-shaped area of ​​the headrests was wrapped in leather. The seats are covered with velvet and still offer the support function you are used to from an M sports seat.

Elements for lighting like under a starry sky are built into the headliner and can be selected in different colors.

BMW XM: prices and the start of sales

The XM concept was presented on November 30th and production of the series version is scheduled to begin in the USA as early as the end of 2022. It is not yet clear what the vehicle should cost – but the most luxurious and efficient top model from the manufacturer will certainly not be cheap.

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