Fisker expands its European market to three new countries

Fisker has added three new European markets where the new Ocean can now be ordered immediately. Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland joined the nine countries in which it was already present. The hype created by the Fisker Ocean was somewhat clouded by the production problems Fisker admitted to. It was a youth problem at the factory in Graz, Austria, where Magna Steyr assembled it for the Americans. According to the company’s data, after starting production at the beginning of the year, the first quarter would serve to stabilize the rhythm. His goal was to reach 300 Fisker Ocean, although reality was stuck at 55 units. In the second, history has repeated itself.

Now, Fisker seems to forget these problems. This seems to be demonstrated by the opening of three new markets in Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Switzerland, joining Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the UK (as well as the US and Canada). In all these countries the Fisker Ocean can be reserved and ordered immediately through local dedicated websites.

Since the first delivery to a customer in Denmark, at the beginning of May, there are 12 markets in which it is possible to purchase an Ocean. In the nine previous ones, the planned deliveries are already being made while, according to the manufacturer, in the three new ones they will begin at the end of September. Fisker is also committed to the direct sales model in the three new countries. For now, nothing is known about when it will arrive in Spanish, although it already has a price here.

Despite these new openings, Fisker recently lowered its 2023 production forecast again, which has now been set at between 20,000 and 23,000 units. Initially, more than 42,000 had been planned for this year, which, already in May, just a few days after the first delivery, had been lowered to a range that moved between 32,000 and 36,000 before this last adjustment in August. In the background of these difficulties in meeting the forecasts are, apparently, the problems of a supplier that has requested more time to increase its production capacity.

Fisker Ocean

“It’s incredibly exciting to expand into new European countries,” says Henrik Fisker, CEO and founder of the brand. “Ultimately we want to sell our vehicles worldwide, but building a strong early presence in Europe has always been one of our top priorities.”

At 4.77 meters long and with a 2.92-meter wheelbase, the Ocean plays in the same segment as the Tesla Model Y, where competition is fierce, especially from brands from Asia. However, the Ocean recipe is very attractive and this is demonstrated in each of its figures.

Its electrical system is made up of one or two electric motors that generate between 208 kW (279 CV) and 416 kW (557 CV) of power, fed by a 100 kWh capacity NCM battery with which it certifies ranging between 610 and the 708 km. To this day, there is no similar model capable of beating it in rank, at least not an approved one. To all these ingredients we must add a very competitive price.

The base Fisker Ocean is available in Spain starting at €41,900, cheaper than a rear-wheel drive Model Y that costs €46,490 today. Thanks to the MOVES III Plan, the price can be reduced to 7,500 euros. The version with greater range, called Ocean Extreme, costs 70,000 euros. The Ocean is assembled in Austria, at the Magna Steyr factory in Graz, one of the most reputable companies in the industry, which is synonymous with quality.

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