Fisker surprises with cheaper price than expected for Pear in Europe

We already knew the price of the Fisker Pear in the United States, where it will start in its cheapest version at $29,990. But usually, prices on both sides of the Atlantic tend to be somewhat different due to tax issues. Now, Fisker has confirmed that its next release will be quite competitively priced in Europe as well.

As we remember, the PEAR is a 4.55-meter-long crossover based on the FP28 steel platform, more economical than the aluminum architecture of the Ocean, which will be produced by Foxconn in a former General Motors plant located in Ohio (United States). Joined).

The objective is to assemble around 250,000 units per year, and its starting price in said market, as we have mentioned, will be around $29,900. The point is that prices in the United States are given without taxes, to which logistics and tariff costs must be added, which usually causes the final price to increase significantly.

This is not the case for the Fisker Pear, which as confirmed by Henrik Fisker himself, president and founder of the brand, will have a price in Germany that will start at 32,900 euros. We are indeed talking about a compact SUV the size of a Volkswagen ID.4, but equipped with a battery in its most economical variant that is quite modest and gives it just 320 km WLTP. For its part, the version with the longest range will reach 560 km WLTP, but of course, with a different price.

Fisker Pear

Among the different innovations released by this peculiar vehicle, Fisker highlights the Houdini Trunk: the trunk lid slides down to hide behind the bumper, which facilitates loading and unloading in small spaces and low-ceiling parking lots. We also cannot fail to mention the Froot, a drawer-shaped front trunk that can optionally be insulated to keep purchases cold or warm.

Fisker Pear

The cabin has been designed to be durable, so there are no fragile and/or mobile elements. Lounge Mode will allow all the backrests to be folded back (including those in the second row) to create a kind of living room, a solution that is somewhat reminiscent of the first Renault Twingo, whose seats could become a double bed.

It will have as standard a large 17.1-inch touchscreen for the infotainment system, which can be used to watch movies. The brand also emphasizes the use of recycled and bio-based materials. A model that will begin sales next year, but that will not hit the market until 2025.

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