Tesla Cybertruck build quality worries Elon Musk

The electric pick-up will be especially problematic for the North American manufacturer because of its angular bodywork, something that these images demonstrate. It has electrical technology and efficiency far superior to those of other manufacturers, but despite several years of high-volume production behind it, Tesla still doesn’t hit the nail on the head when it comes to making its cars with the same quality as the rest. This has been more evident than ever with the first mass-produced Tesla Cybertrucks.

A gallery of images posted on Reddit and echoed by Carscoops, shows a truck transporting several of these pick-ups. It is these units that have been commissioned, even before they hit the market, to put the quality of the model under the spotlight.

The photographs, once enlarged, show clear mismatches between the panels that make up the bodywork of the same, especially in the doors.

It should be noted that Tesla know that the Cybertruck can be especially dangerous in this regard since its straight and angular body reveals more clearly each of the mismatches between the panels that compose it. It was Elon Musk himself, CEO of Tesla, in an e-mail sent to those responsible for the brand, who asked to deploy everything necessary to solve this problem. “If soda cans and Lego can do it, so can we,” he declared in the message sent.

Tesla Cybertruck

For this reason, one of the photographed units has the distance at various points between two of the access doors to the passenger compartment marked on its body with a marker. As can be seen, there are distances between 4.45 and 5.5 millimeters, a margin that, although it may seem tiny, at first glance leaves much to be desired.

In Hybrids and Electrics, we have already pointed out this Tesla problem before. Last time around, the subject reflecting a lack of more precise quality control was a Tesla Model Y, although, in our recent test of the Tesla Model S, we also flagged several such issues.

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