Ford Bronco Raptor Strongest in history

Bronco and Raptor are synonymous with strong emotions and success. Imagine what can happen if they get together… Well, it has happened. We present you the new Ford Bronco Raptor 2022, a 4 x4 that promises strong emotions…

According to Ford, this 2022 Bronco Raptor is designed to run through the desert and climb the most rugged areas, just where a normal SUV would not go. And to make his intentions clear, he positions himself as the most powerful street Bronco in history.

It has been developed by the sports car department of the oval brand, Ford Performance, and is inspired by the classic American extreme 4×4 competitions, the so-called Ultra4 Racing. 

With the addition of the Bronco Raptor, Ford expands its lineup of high-performance Raptor off-road vehicles, which includes the F-150 Raptor in the US and the Ranger Raptor in Europe.

This Raptor version of the Ford Bronco has endless modifications compared to the original model. Starting with the suspension, which has specific shock absorbers and greater travel. Additionally, the tracks have been widened for more stability during high-speed desert racing. In addition, skid plates have been mounted on the underbody. 

Ford Bronco Raptor

4×4 competition modifications for the Bronco Raptor

In addition, reinforcement bars have been installed on both the B and C pillars, increasing the total torsional rigidity of the body by more than 50% compared to a normal four-door Bronco.

Axles developed by Ford Performance are a Dana 50 Heavy-Duty AdvanTEK semi-floating solid rear axle with a 235-millimeter ring gear, while the front is a Dana 44 AdvanTEK with a 210-millimeter ring gear. 

Ford Bronco Raptor

These upgraded front and rear axles increase track width by 215mm (1,840mm vs. 1,625mm) over a stock Bronco. This allows it to withstand a higher torque at the wheels. 

By the way, the Bronco Raptor’s ground clearance is also increased and is now 32.75 cm (120 mm more than the base four-door model).

A 4×4 system has three modes and includes a larger clutch to withstand the demands of a vehicle like this. The transmission is also geared, with a creep ratio of up to 67.7:1.

Ford Bronco Raptor

The Ford Performance team collaborated with suspension specialist FOX to update the HOSS 4.0 (High-Performance Off-Road Stability Suspension) system, for which they have mounted FOX 3.1 semi-active shock absorbers with a specific adjustment for this version.

This suspension system features suspension height sensors that independently monitor ground conditions hundreds of times per second and adjust the suspension setting accordingly. In total, it offers 32.5 cm of suspension travel in the front and 35 cm in the rear, which represents 60% and 40% more, respectively, than a base model of the Bronco. 

The Ford Performance team turned to BFGoodrich to mount 17-inch KO2 off-road tires in 37×12.50R17LT, the largest found on a stock SUV in the United States.

This is the engine of the Bronco Raptor

Ford’s engineering team developed a Raptor-specific tune-up for the popular 3.0-litre EcoBoost twin-turbo engine, aiming for over 400bhp of power. Therefore, as we have already told you, the Bronco Raptor will be the most powerful street Bronco in history.

And to withstand the highest ambient temperatures in the desert, specific cooling systems and air intakes have been introduced.

Ford Bronco Raptor

It’s mated to a 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission tuned for best performance. Additionally, a dual exhaust system has been fitted, which features active valve technology and allows drivers to modify the sound of their Bronco Raptor with four selectable exhaust modes: Normal, Sport, Quiet and Baja.

A very particular dynamism

The Bronco Raptor is based on the brand’s exclusive GOAT Modes (Goes Over Any Type of Terrain) terrain management system, designed to help drivers better navigate off-road. 

Ford Bronco Raptor

It has 7 driver-selectable modes: Low Mode, to maximize performance in high-speed desert racing. Also new to the Bronco is the Tow/Haul mode, capable of towing 2,041 kg (454 kg over the base model). Also included are Trail Control, Trail Turn Assist, and Trail One-Pedal Driving modes.

Bronco Raptor: an innovative design 

Highlighted by Ford lettering across the rectangular grille, specific LED headlights, Ford Performance high-strength modular steel front bumper with tow hooks, removable bumper end caps for improved off-road clearance …

The bonnet is made from a sheet molding compound, which has allowed its muscular shape to be drawn. The Bronco Raptor is 9.5 inches wider than a standard Bronco. 

And this style is also appreciated in the interior, which presents a horizontal dashboard that integrates a fully digital 12-inch dashboard. Base Bronco Raptor models are equipped with vinyl seats and waterproof rubber flooring. 

The dark interior is accented with Ford Performance Code Orange touches on the GOAT Modes rotary dial, dash vents, door mesh, steering wheel stitching, and the Bronco logo on the instrument panel. Even the power button lights up orange. In addition, the grips, the bezel of the steering wheel, and the gear lever are made of carbon fiber.

US customers can start ordering in March and the first units will start arriving this summer.

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