Formula 1 will switch to synthetic fuels in 2026

The world of motorsports is transforming in parallel with the automotive sector itself. Electric car championships such as Formula E are gaining more relevance and media exposure, and manufacturers are beginning to realize that, at least at an advertising level, betting on this type of competition can be very beneficial for their brand image.

However, the queen category of international motorsports, Formula 1, remains relatively far from electrification. Currently, the single-seaters have 1.6-liter V6 turbo hybrid engines in their guts, but for the moment those responsible for the series rule out the total electrification of the championship.

Today, the teams use a 10% ethanol blend (E-10) as fuel, a second-generation biofuel made from food waste and biomass instead of crops created specifically for this purpose. Its use has generated certain tensions, as some teams have reported power losses compared to the previous fuel.

Formula 1 wants to have a neutral carbon footprint by the end of the decade, something that will only be possible by betting on synthetic fuels or e-fuels. In addition, the FIA ​​has also recently confirmed that the power provided by the electric units of the hybrid system will be increased in the future.

Formula 1 Car

Formula 1 rules out full electrification

By 2026, the electric power of the single-seaters will increase to 350 kW. On the other hand, a new fuel developed in collaboration with Aramco will be introduced, which will be created from carbon dioxide recaptured from the atmosphere and hydrogen obtained through electrolysis with energy from renewable sources.

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