GM wants to educate drivers about autonomous driving systems

If you’ve shopped or purchased a vehicle in recent years, you’ll no doubt have noticed the increased presence of various technological gadgets such as driver assistance systems. Once offered only in high-end vehicles, they are now offered in even the most affordable vehicles on the market. The next step in this evolution of technology lies in the automation of driving. However, several false beliefs push GM to educate its customers to reassure them and give them good security practices.

Learning about this new technology

For GM, customers must know how advanced driver assistance systems work. Even if some have a reckless attitude toward its systems, many customers show some concern about the use of this technology. It is with this in mind that the manufacturer will rely on education for the use of its Super Cruise system. Capsules and content will also be made available free of charge to educate consumers. The main objective is to inform people that the Super Cruise does not remove the responsibility of the driver in the environment around him on the road and that constant attention is still necessary. By respecting these fundamentals, the risk of an accident will be reduced, according to GM.

Different systems available on the market

With the presence of different levels of driving assistance, from one manufacturer to another, this kind of precision will be necessary for the next few years, as long as not everyone is at the same level. Currently, Tesla offers one of the most advanced systems in its Autopilot beta. However, this is not without risk, since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recorded 736 accidents involving Autopilot.


It is for this reason that GM will rely on the fact that drivers using Super Cruise hands-free driving must remain constantly ready to regain control. Also, unlike Tesla, GM’s system isn’t fully self-driving and isn’t able to be used on any road either.

Over time, autonomous driving systems will offer increased functionality, but in the meantime, it will be important to become familiar with this technology, to fully understand it. In the long term, GM has the ambitious vision of achieving zero accidents, thanks to the adoption of advanced driver assistance and the education of the drivers who use it.

As far as this campaign is concerned, it only affects the American market, currently. However, with the internet content circulating quickly, you may very well see it appear on your social networks very soon.

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