Honda surprises the world with long-range and affordable electric SUV

We have seen that, for years, Japanese brands have lagged behind electric cars for the simple reason that they did not seem to trust them one hundred percent. Now Toyota has changed its mind completely, and Honda has just presented what, without a doubt, is its best electric vehicle ever shown. Nothing to do, at all, with the little Honda E. We are talking about the new Honda Prologue, its electric SUV that will arrive next year in 2024, and that, for several reasons, has surprised the world. Let’s see what its key technical features are, and even its price, which has already been revealed.

The Honda Prologue will become the first electric SUV of the Japanese brand, and its pre-sale will begin at the end of 2023, although it will not be available to the first customers until next year 2024. For now, the brand has already released the first photos of officials who completely reveal its final design and, in addition, has already announced that it will offer 300 miles of range based on the EPA homologation cycle. Which, as we know, is even more realistic than the WLTP cycle we rely on here in Europe. On the other hand, as we were advancing, they have also indicated what its price will be when it is launched on the market, and the truth is that it is cheapcompared to the proposal they had launched until now with the Honda e.

The keys to the Honda Prologue, a really interesting electric SUV both for its range and its price

Honda has set a goal of reaching 2 million electric vehicles by 2030, and the Honda Prologue will be a key model to achieve this goal. The model is built on GM’s Ultium platform, but be careful because it is a Honda through and through. Among other things, even at the platform level, Honda has specifically worked on the front and rear suspension system to offer a sporty driving experience, totally different from that offered by other models that are based on this same platform.

Honda Prologue

Among other aspects, Honda has announced that its new electric car will offer approximately 300 miles of range and has announced that the dimensions of this model are 4.87 meters long, 1.64 meters high, and 1.98 meters Wide. That is, it is somewhat longer than the Honda CR-V and, in addition, it is also somewhat wider. On the other hand, they have also advanced the new Honda Prologue which reaches up to 3.09 meters of wheelbase. And thanks to this, in a cabin that is reminiscent of the Civic, and also has details from the CR-V and other models of the brand, it has ample interior space.

Among other things, Honda designers have focused on maximizing storage space in key elements such as the two-level center console. It also has a huge trunk that, according to officially revealed data, reaches 713 liters of capacity, and the rear seats are divided into two asymmetrical parts and can be completely flush with the floor to achieve a trunk capacity of up to 1,634 liters. So, effectively, taking advantage of the jump to a fully electric configuration, with the Honda Prologue they have taken the opportunity to reinvent its cabin and offer much more interior space. than is usual in their models.

Honda Prologue interior

The Honda Prologue has, as the brand has officially revealed, a battery with 85 kWh of energy storage capacity which, by the way, supports up to 155 kW of direct current charging power. According to these figures, and based on the advanced technical sheet, the Honda Prologue can recover approximately 105 km of range in just 10 minutes of fast charging. Another aspect that is also surprising is that it has a large 11-inch diagonal multimedia instrument panel accompanied by a huge 11.3-inch touch screen that, of course, is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. In addition, in higher versions it has a Head-Up Display and, of course, is compatible with OTA updates. The announced price, by the way, is $40,000 – in the United States – before aid and discounts.

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