KIA EV3 will be affordable and have a range of 500 km

We are going to have to pay close attention to KIA’s upcoming launches because the South Korean brand is going all in on complete electrification. They plan to launch 15 new electric cars, nothing more and nothing less, until 2027. Among all these launches is the KIA EV3 that concerns us, and of which we bring you an exclusive preview of both its design and its planned features. This model will be much cheaper than those launched so far by the brand, and will also fit into a lower segment. We can now see what its design will be like and what is expected of it both in terms of range. As in power and other technical sections.

This exclusive preview focused on the design of the KIA EV3 shows us an appearance that, although reminiscent of the current KIA Niro, has even more straight shapes and follows a design language already seen in the KIA EV5. David Hilbert, European marketing director, has already announced that models from the KIA EV1 to the KIA EV1 will be launched to address all the most important segments. The KIA EV5 has already been presented, as well as the KIA EV6 which has been on sale for some time, and also the EV9. But this, the KIA EV3, is going to be a much more interesting model for Europe both due to its dimensions and its price, fitting within the B segment.

The keys to the KIA EV3, much cheaper and with excellent features focused on beating the Stellantis models

The KIA EV3 will fit within the same segment in which models such as the Jeep Avenger or the Peugeot e-2008 are already available, as well as the most recent FIAT 600e. As planned, this new model from the Korean brand could be based on a new platform that, although it will inherit technologies from the E-GMP, would be simpler and would allow cheaper development, as well as reduce costs at the production level. It is expected to be manufactured in Slovakia, which is where the successful Sportage and also the Ceed are produced today.

Kia EV

At the design level, as we mentioned, it follows the line of the KIA EV9, but on a smaller scale, and with some personality traits specific to the KIA EV3. This model is expected to have dimensions of around 4.1 to 4.3 meters in length, more or less, and according to the latest information it should reach up to 500 km of range in its most performance versions. Of course, there will also be lower, and cheaper, versions of the KIA EV3, around 400 km of range with a battery with a lower energy storage capacity.

At the moment, the truth is that there is little 100% reliable information about the KIA EV3. But there have been leaks that have suggested that their engine configurations will be above 200 HP of power, at least. At least this is the line of features that the Korean brand should aim for if it wants to compete with the Stellantis models which, of course, are going to be its main rivals in the market. And above all at the price level, where it should be positioned at its height and carefully because Chinese electric cars come at more competitive prices.

In this sense, its range is expected to start at 35,000 euros before applicable aid, so we could see minimum prices for the KIA EV3 that are around 28,000 euros, although some say that the range could start above approximately 33,000 euros. It will be much cheaper than the electric cars that KIA is already selling today, but its cheapest model with an electric powertrain will be the KIA EV1. The latter should be a rival for the Volkswagen ID.2, among others, and its prices will be much more accessible to the ‘general public’ in Europe.

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