Kia Picanto 2024: Restyling and improvement of the beloved car

An atomized design, improvements in connectivity, safety, efficiency, interior finishes, and digitization update the urban Kia Picanto 2024. A true street car that Kia has renewed in the image and likeness of the new customer needs.

One million units sold in Europe in its three generations —2004, 2010, and 2017, on which this profound update is based— are to be more than satisfied with a car like the Kia Picanto, militant in a category in which many competitors They are stampeding: of 32 possible alternatives in 2018, four disappeared at the beginning of this decade and currently only 18 models belonging to the pure A segment remain. And obviously, the number of units sold has also dropped from almost 1.2 million units throughout Europe in 2018 to the 740,000 expected for the current year, a figure that according to the brand will stabilize in the coming years, which would mean a market share of around 5% —global Europe—.

City meat due to its dimensions, pursuing agility and ease of use, but based on a fairly wide wheelbase for its length -2.40 m- that has always allowed the Kia Picanto to be very well used indoors. Car suitable for four… even medium size, although approved for 5 occupantsIts 255-liter trunk is still not the best in the category, but in reality, few exceed that figure… nor has it been a priority for Kia to improve it when, according to its studies, 54% of the mileage will be done in the city, 34% in the surroundings and only an occasional 12% will be on highways with minimal occupancy and load.

Kia is also clear about the weaknesses of its Picanto and the sources of opportunity, so in addition to a more modern, dynamic, and elegant style at the same time, it has been in charge of reinforcing connectivity, interior appearance, efficiency, range, comfort, and safety.

Kia Picanto 2024

Two Naturally Aspirated Engines

There are no changes to the engines… Yes, because the 1.0 T-GDi/101 that was sold in the outgoing range seems to say goodbye to this model, leaving only 1.0 and 1.2-liter indirect-injection naturally aspirated units, with 3 and 4 cylinders, respectively, and 67 and 84 CV. Powertrains, by the way, are quite honest in terms of operation and responsiveness, taking advantage of the fact that the Kia Picanto is not only a small car but rather light. Kia says that it has not found a place in the bowels of this car for a micro hybridization, although I think that everything points to a question of costs… and it demands, curious, but the client prefers to save the extra cost or invest in other options that personalize their car. The two engines can be combined with a 5-speed manual gearbox or with the same gearbox but with an automated clutch —for all intents and purposes, an automatic gearbox—, a transmission that the brand has improved by optimizing the gearbox points to achieve a more efficient set.

Kia Picanto 2024

There will be a GT-Line finish that offers a more fun and exotic environment with a Glossy Black or Adventurer Green interior finish, two of the optional finishes for the normal version, which can also be equipped with a third combination in an Intense Brown tone. In this case, the seats and door headrests are finished in artificial leather and the ventilation or gear shift vents have a contrasting frame.

Kia Picanto 2024 interior

The standard multimedia system as standard is based on an 8-inch screen with touch operation, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and both the Kia Connect service and the online navigation service or remote update of the infotainment system are available. A 4.2-inch screen inside the instrument panel completes the information. In terms of security systems, Kia continues to bet big, including up to 6 airbags, depending on the finish or option, ISOFIX mountings, lane departure alert with maintenance assistant, rear cross-traffic control, frontal anti-collision system against obstacles, cyclists or pedestrians or hill start assistance, among other elements.

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