Updated Polestar 2 reaches 650km range

Polestar, the young Swedish manufacturer spun off from Volvo in 2017, continues to shape its range of high-performance cars through an ambitious product offensive that will allow it to compete against the likes of Porsche. The Scandinavian firm has already presented its next two launches, the Polestar 3 (E-SUV segment) and Polestar 4 (D-SUV segment) crossovers.

After them will come the Polestar 5 (segment E) and Polestar 6, the latter being a roadster destined to become the flagship of its offer. However, until the disembarkation of all these latest products, the weight of promoting the expansion of the company will continue to fall on the shoulders of a single model: the Polestar 2, which saw the light of day for the first time in 2019.

Aware of this, Polestar has not stopped polishing it since the moment of its launch. Beyond the constant software updates, the Polestar 2 received a major restyling just a few months ago that led, among other things, to a radical change in its mechanical configuration, since the single-engine versions became rear-wheel drive instead of front-wheel drive.

Continuing with its strategy of continuous improvements, similar to that of Tesla, Polestar has just introduced a new package of innovations for its compact sedan. The Polestar 2 MY2024 is a more capable and efficient car, something that is mainly noted in its approved range, which exceeds that of its main rival, the Tesla Model 3.

Polestar 2 now charges faster

Polestar 2

According to the brand itself, the Polestar 2 can now travel up to 22% further, consume up to 9% less energy, and charge up to 34% faster. « We love the Polestar 2. Our engineers have worked hard to make key updates that improve the overall package and they have outdone themselves. We are proud that we have managed to do this without increasing the carbon footprint, but instead reducing it,” explains Thomas Ingenlath, CEO of Polestar.

RWD Standard RangeRWD Long RangeAWD Long Range
power and torque272 PS (200 kW) and 490 Nm300 PS (220 kW) and 490 Nm421 PS (310 kW) and 740 Nm
0-100km/h6.4 seconds6.2 seconds4.5 seconds
Top speed205km/h205km/h205km/h
Range532km WLTP654km WLTP591km WLTP

At the load level, the Standard Range reaches a maximum power of 135 kW in direct current, while the Long Range announces a peak of 205 kW. At the moment the rates of the renewed range are unknown and if the Performance variant, which yielded 476 CV (350 kW), will be reintroduced later.

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