Land Rover to unveil new platform and 6 electric cars from 2024

Philip Koehn, the new head of Jaguar, has already revealed the new strategy that Land Rover will follow. The consortium will introduce a new platform in 2024, which accelerates Jaguar’s transformation into a 100% electric brand and reveals the future of key models at Land Rover with major surprises.

In the few days that Philip Koehn has been in the position of executive director of Jaguar Land Rover, the Briton is already taking the firm and necessary steps to redirect the path of the two great British brands, which will continue to bet seriously on the «Reimagine» presented by his predecessor in office at the beginning of 2021. An ambitious program that included the transformation of Jaguar into an electric brand by 2025 and the premiere of six electric Land Rovers.

To this day, the conversion of the feline brand seems more than complicated, since there are only a little more than two years left to reach the middle of the decade. But Koehn trusts the ability of all his engineers and employees to achieve a goal that he is not willing to give up, nor does he intend to, given the difficult situation in which Jaguar finds itself, according to German sources. Land Rover is one step ahead, already preparing its first two electric cars, both in the luxury category, which they will present in 2024.

The future of Land Rover SUVs and SUVs is 100% electric

These are the Range Rover Electric and Range Rover Sport Electric. The first was confirmed during the presentation of the latest generation of the luxury SUV, but the second is new. The next four are the transformation of the next generation of the VelarEvoque, and Land Rover Discovery, in addition to a surprise that the brand has in its portfolio and which they have already confirmed is not the Road Rover.

Range Rover Sport

While the Velar and the larger models will continue to be based on the MLA platform that allows full electrification, the more compact ones will be based on the new EMA platform that will be unveiled in 2024. A multi-energy architecture that will only be used for electricity, so the future Evoque and Discovery Sport will abandon traditional combustion, although according to versions they may have a gasoline engine as a range extender. The brand is also considering a PHEV option and a maximum range of 100 kilometers.

New platform for upcoming electric Land Rovers

The new EMA platform will have the battery housed between the axles, admitting different chemistries, and new-generation electric motors with high torque to offer great traction capacity. An architecture equipped with 800V charging technology and advanced software that allows for reducing the number of electronic control units, as well as a flat floor and truly spacious interior space.

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