Mercedes E-Class 2023: Facelift With German Sedan

The next Mercedes E-Class will be launched in 2023, and we have already seen a test vehicle (“Mule”). We clarify the question of whether the Swabian luxury class will be available again as a station wagon, coupe, and convertible. We also have initial information about the engines (hybrid, AMG) and the price. We expect that in the interior.

The Mercedes E-Class will start completely overhauled in spring 2023. A good two years before the market launch, our photographer spotted a so-called “Mule”, a test vehicle under a well-known body. The wider track is noticeable, recognizable by the screwed-on fender flares. The wheelbase, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have changed much. Of course, this prototype does not provide any conclusions about the design, especially since we are even looking at the W213 generation pre-facelift model.

This brings us to the current range, which, in addition to the sedan, includes the station wagon, which is also available as a hearty all-terrain vehicle that is comparable to the future Audi Allroad. The model range also includes the coupé and the convertible based on it. That’s going to change. Because the latter two-door models are far too close to the somewhat shorter coupé and convertible versions of the C-Class, the four models will be reduced to two in the future. We are talking about the new CLE-Class, which, like the Mercedes E-Class, we also expect in 2023. At the same time, a coupé-like cut four-door will jump out, which will take to the field against the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé and the Audi A5 Sportback.


The Mercedes E-Class (2023) will be continued in a new form as a high-volume sedan, as a T-model, and as an all-terrain based on it. And one more element that is indispensable for many fans of the brand has been retained – the star on the bonnet of the “Exclusive” equipment line. There will be no fully electric version of the new E-Class, but there will be plug-in hybrids with an electric range of up to 100 kilometers. All drives will be converted to 48-volt electrical systems. You recover braking energy and can sail, i.e. coast with the combustion engine switched off depending on the situation, saving fuel.

Mercedes E-Class 2023

The recently introduced, high-torque 3.0-liter in-line six-cylinder turbo gasoline engines (367, 435 hp) and turbo diesel (330 hp) remain in the range. In the future, turbocharged in-line six-cylinders will initially work under the hood of the AMG variants. The sensitive air suspension, available as an option, is also being further developed. Brand new in the series is the rear-axle steering supplied by ZF, which is also subject to a surcharge but will not work with a ten-degree steering angle, as in the new S-Class, but with five to six. The reason is the smaller dimensions of the Mercedes E-Class (2023), which does not require a very large angle.

Mercedes E-Class 2023 Price

There are further highlights in the redesigned interior of the Mercedes E-Class (2023). The MBUX multimedia system offers even more personalization options. Thanks to artificial intelligence, after a certain conditioning time, the car knows which way the: driver: prefers to drive to the sports club on Mondays, what he: she likes to hear, and how warm or cold he: she prefers it. On the way back, the seat’s massage function is activated automatically. The color and intensity of the ambient light are matched to personal preferences.

These are just a few examples. While the massage functions, for example, cost extra, in the future all E-Class drivers will see a much larger display on the inside that extends over almost the entire surface of the dashboard. A close relative of the E-Class is the CLS, its predecessor in 2004 made the four-door coupe socially acceptable. The days of the elegant sports sedan are numbered. In addition to the Mercedes E-Class (2023) at estimated prices starting at around 50,000 euros, the fully electric EQE is already waiting on the horizon.

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