The design of the Mercedes E-Class 2024 will be impressive

The  Mercedes E-Class 2024 will be a new generation of the model. The one that remains in force right now was born in 2016, but received a  strong update in 2020. Now, Mercedes-Benz faces the last phase of the development of this new generation that will introduce even more relevant changes. And here we have a sneak peek where we can see what his design will look like. And also, in a very reliable way because the German brand has been walking test units with very little camouflage.

At the design level, the truth is that the changes are not going to be exaggerated either. Mercedes-Benz is going to bet on a  rather continuous evolution, although we can see that in its forms there are clear influences from the S-Class and also from the C-Class. An even more sober and elegant image, with straighter lines than in the current generation. Things like the hood stand out, without central ribs and with the most marked external tension lines. Or on the side, a new more pronounced beltline and, of course, the door handles flush with the bodywork to improve the aerodynamics of the new Mercedes E-Class 2024.

What news will the Mercedes E-Class 2024 bring and what will be its final design

Continuing with the front of the  2024 Mercedes E-Class, as we can see in this recreation and we already know what will happen,  the headlights are going to be smaller and sharper. And in addition, the lighting pattern is also going to change – with matrix LED technology – with two new daytime lighting points in the lower part. There are also other changes planned for the grille or the bumper that, together, will make it look more elegant, but also sportier than the generation that is currently being sold in Mercedes-Benz dealers.

And at the rear, we will see how the third volume is softened, with an undoubtedly more aerodynamic shape, and how the rear lights become thinner and wider. Here too the lighting pattern is going to change, and we are also going to see a more refined, elegant, and sporty style with the changes that are going to be introduced. Although it seems that they are few, if we look at the recreation of the Mercedes E-Class 2024 we will see that the changes are perfectly remarkable and, above all, due to the new body shapes.

Mercedes E-Class 2024

Inside there will also be a  great improvement, especially in the technology section. As is often the case in the Mercedes-Benz range, it’s time for your new 2024 Mercedes E-Class to almost match the S-Class. With a solution similar to Hyperscreen, according to what is expected based on spy photos of the model, to cover almost the entire dashboard with touch screens. And actually, inside is where perhaps Mercedes has less room for improvement because over the last few years they have established themselves as the industry benchmark in each segment.

As for the range of engines and mechanics for the new Mercedes E-Class 2024, test units with plug-in hybrid configurations have already been seen, so this type of mechanics is fully confirmed. But it is planned that gasoline and turbo options will also be available, along with diesel engines with mild hybrid systems. And to crown the range, the Mercedes-AMG should have a  four-cylinder engine with an electric turbo; that is to say, the same one that gives life to the SL 43 AMG, with more than 380 CV of maximum power. Photos;

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