Mercedes GLE 2023: New Details Of German SUV

A slightly camouflaged prototype of the restyled Mercedes GLE Coupé was seen testing in Germany, not far from Stuttgart. The large SUV with the star, featuring a grille with vertical chrome bars and four circular tailpipes at the rear, seems to be an AMG-optimized variant here.

In 2015, Mercedes-Benz changed the name of its large family SUV to “GLE” instead of “M-Class”. The SUV was then completely redesigned in 2018 before the appearance of the new GLE Coupé the following year (2019). This leaky roof SUV should, therefore, logically, undergo a slight overhaul in 2023 with minimal restyling and a set of technological improvements.

The camouflaged prototype whose images were taken in Germany has a modified front bumper and redesigned lights, as evidenced by the locations of the various camouflaged areas under characteristic stickers. The overall shape of the vehicle will remain unchanged, however, while the engines should not be radically modified.

The Mercedes GLE enters its fourth year of sale since the appearance of the current generation. The latter is destined for a facelift in 2023, in the same way as the GLE Coupé. The development phase of the vehicle is well underway but the new face of the vehicle remains difficult to guess under the camouflage, even light, that it sports at the front and the rear at the level of the optics.

Mercedes GLE 2023

The design of the new bumper of this version signed AMG appears behind the psychedelic camouflage and shows some minor variations of moldings compared to the current version. Unlike the 43 AMG (390 hp V6) and 63 S AMG (612 hp V8) variants of the GLE, or like the next 63 AMG C-Class, all models badged with the three magic letters should convert to the four-cylinder turbo, associated with one or more electric motors.

Undoubtedly accompanying these inevitable mechanical developments, the infotainment system, connectivity, and interior ornaments will also be destined to evolve. Photos; Autozeitung

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