MG4 is successful but this new electric SUV will challenge it with its price

Due to its body type and European origin , it is a new model that can make the public ignore, to a large extent, the MG compact. Any manufacturer that wants to aspire to achieve a good share of sales in the coming years in Europe must launch affordable electric cars. It is not easy, since it requires a minimum sales volume that justifies the investment, in addition to optimal management of resources and technology to find an attractive product that is capable in terms of performance (range, mainly).

Chinese manufacturers such as BYD or MG have been the first to make moves with the launch of models such as the Dolphin or MG4, respectively. Of these two, it is the second that is having the greatest success in Europe and Spain. In our country, it is one of the few electric cars that follow the almighty Tesla, which marks distances concerning the competition in a capital way.

The MG4 has cemented its success thanks to the fact that it offers a relationship between price, range, and size not seen to date. Its most affordable version costs 29,990 euros before aid, offers 350 kilometers of range, and is a compact 4.28 meters long with 363 liters of trunk. However, many buyers do not purchase electric cars like the MG4, waiting for the traditional manufacturers, the best known in Europe, to launch their electric bets.

Citroen e-C3

This has been the case with the Citroën ë-C3, a model that under other circumstances we would not compare directly (if they were gasoline models, for example). The MG4 is built around the concept of a traditional compact and the Frenchman is a B-segment utility vehicle that has mutated into a small B-SUV in its renovation (it measures 4.01 meters), but the truth is that the newcomer aspires to convince the same type of customer as the MG4: buyers looking for the cheapest possible electric car and capable for daily use in the city and surrounding areas, whether alone or with the family.

As Citroën’s Spanish division has confirmed, the electric ë-C3 will have a starting price of 23,800 euros, which is 6,000 euros less than the Chinese model (aid such as the Moves III can be deducted from this). It will offer a somewhat lower range, of 320 kilometers, but the price difference will make many buyers overlook this loss.

Despite being a smaller car, Citroën promises to have taken advantage of the possibilities of the platform as best as possible to achieve correct habitability for its size, so in this aspect, the MG4 should not win so clearly over the French. The Chinese achieved the 363 liters mentioned above and the French achieved 310.

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