MG4 Long Range offers 520km range for less than 30,000 Euros

The MG4 Long Range may be the ideal option for those looking for a compact electric car at a good price and with remarkable features. Having an electric car with decent (or more than decent) features and a good price is probably what the potential customer of a battery car is looking for the most. In other words, price has historically been the biggest barrier to accessing an electric car. The MG4 has broken that hurdle, and its sales reflect it. Now, the version with more range arrives in Spain and it is really interesting.

The Tesla Model 3 was the first electric car to offer the same or better features and characteristics than its combustion rivals but at a lower price. However, depending on the version, it can move above 40,000 euros, even after the aid. Money that not everyone can afford. Other potential customers may not want such a large car (the Model 3 measures 4.69 meters). Not surprisingly, the best-selling type of car in Spain has a compact body, around 4.40 meters.

That is where the MG4 comes into play, a 4.29-meter compact that has just released a new Long Range version in Spain, that is, the version with more range. It approves 520 kilometers of range in the WLTP cycle and is priced at 40,690 euros before aid and discounts. The interesting thing comes when we apply all the public aid and the discounts of the brand since the car remains below 30,000 euros. Yes, less than 30,000 euros for an electric car with more than 500 kilometers of approved range.

With the aid of the MOVES III Plan (4,500 euros) and the discount of the brand (1,210 euros), it remains at 34,980 euros. If we deliver an old car to scrap (2,500 euros of additional help), the price of the MG4 Long Range drops to 32,480 euros. At this point, we must take into account the personal income tax deduction approved in June, which reduces the final bill of the vehicle by another 3,000 euros.

In summary, in the best of cases, you can have an MG4 Long Range for 29,480 euros, an unbeatable price for an electric car with more than 500 kilometers of approved range. It is worth mentioning that this price is only possible if the Brighton Blue paint is chosen since the rest of the paints have an extra cost. The brand offers another discount of 2,000 euros if it is financed with them.

MG4 Long Range

An affordable but well-equipped car

MG updated the MG4 last June, with slight improvements in terms of equipment and design and greater efficiency, from which the Long Range version benefits.

The standard equipment of the MG4 Long Range includes air conditioning by heat pump, heated seat and steering wheel, electric adjustment of the driver’s seat, wireless charger for the mobile phone, 360º peripheral cameras, MG iSmart multimedia system with 10.25 “screen, compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, two-tone bodywork with a black roof, 18-inch wheels, and greater fast charging capacity, up to 144 kW in direct current.

It also carries the MG Pilot assistant package, which includes adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitor, lane departure warning, traffic sign recognition, rear cross-traffic alert, and safe exit system, among others. A curious fact is that it also reaches a higher top speed: 180 km/h, 20 more than the other versions.

The perhaps least positive part is that the level of customization is quite low. The only options that can be chosen are the color of the body paint (there are seven different colors) and the interior upholstery in grey/white with orange accents (650 euros), which provides more light to the passenger compartment and a more elegant design. modern.

Technical features at a glance

The MG4 Long Range has a lithium-ion battery with 77 kWh capacity. The battery uses cells with NCM chemistry, that is, nickel-cobalt-manganese. They offer better energy density than lithium-fluorophosphate batteries, such as the one found in the access MG4. You can charge 144 kW of power in direct current and a maximum of 11 kW in alternating current.

The battery powers an electric motor that delivers 245 horsepower and 350 Nm of torque. The engine is located at the rear and sends its power to the rear wheels. The approved consumption of this version is 16.5 kWh/100 km, although this figure will vary depending on the use made of the vehicle.

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