The New Nissan Micra will be electric

The current fifth-generation Nissan Micra has failed to validate the success of its predecessors. Although the Japanese utility vehicle has abandoned the bulbous and rounded appearance of its predecessor in favor of sharper lines, the truth is that it currently enjoys rather discreet popularity within the European B segment.

Despite everything, the company’s leaders are aware that this sector is key in the old continent, which is why they are studying the possibility of exploiting their synergies with Renault to develop a replacement. However, everything seems to indicate that this “second chance” for the Micra would be associated with a change in philosophy, as the new model would be electric.

Nissan has no intention of developing heat engines adapted to the Euro 7 regulations, which is why the brand intends to bet everything on electrification. By the end of the decade, the firm estimates that 80% of its sales in Europe will correspond to fully electric models; the remaining 20% ​​will be hybrids (e-POWER).

At the moment Nissan has not made a final decision regarding the replacement of the Micra. “The main business of today and tomorrow are crossovers: Juke, Qashqai, X-Trail, Ariya and a new model [the electric crossover that will replace the LEAF]”, explains Guillaume Cartier, head of the Asian manufacturer in the old continent.

Nissan has yet to decide the launch of a new Micra

«There are already five models. Then for each car, we need to make sure we have […] enough powertrains to match the volumes we drive. We want to make sure that this core, in terms of volume per model, is increased. Then we will use the Alliance. We already work with Renault on our light commercial vehicle range.

New Nissan Micra

But one issue remains open, and that is the model of access to our lineup. The key point is to say: ‘How can we offer something, potentially with the Alliance, that will attract people to join the Nissan brand and then switch from one model to another?’ That is what we are considering. That is exactly the question we have to answer.

For Cartier, it is “absolutely key” that the new model is electric, which leads us to think that it will use the CMF-BEV platform of the Renault 5 E-TECH Electric. The French utility vehicle, which will be launched on the market in spring 2024, will be 3.92 meters long and will have a starting price of approximately 20,000 euros. However, it is not ruled out that Nissan will abandon the B segment to focus on more profitable categories.

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