Nissan goes beyond reality with a futuristic electric SUV

We live in the era of the SUV, the electric car, and social networks. Although two of these worlds are constantly coming together, electric and SUV, the networks are a parallel universe that Nissan now wants to unify. The Nissan Hyper Punk is another of the prototypes that we will be able to see live starting next October 25 at the Tokyo Mobility Show. The Japanese International Fair will bring together the four Yokohama concept cars under one roof. Each one focuses on a unique effort, but they all tell us about the future of the company.

The Hyper Punk is the compact model of the prototypes released to date. It is an SUV that will take its first steps in the digital world. The famous online game Fortnite will have this special vehicle to move around its world of fantasy and entertainment. However, there will also be a physical, real, and palpable unity at the Japanese fair. At Nissan, they claim to have designed it with new-generation artists and content creators in mind. An electric car that will never hit the streets as presented, but it does advance some future concepts.

V2X technology so that users always stay connected

Its interior has been conceived as a mobile creative studio, something that sounds not very safe when we talk about a car. It offers high-speed wireless Internet connectivity capable of connecting and synchronizing with its occupants’ devices and equipment. Like the Nissan Hyper Tourer, unveiled two days ago, the little Punk can analyze the mood of its passengers using biometric sensors and cameras, thus being able to adapt lighting and musical settings to reduce stress or increase activity.

Nissan Hyper Punk

The Japanese say that the cabin has been designed in the origami style. Bold shapes that hide cutting-edge technology. The onboard cameras can capture the landscape and, through AI (Artificial Intelligence), convert those images into a manga format ideal for generating content. The objective is to create a space, a habitat, that increases the creativity of its users. We imagine that these alternatives could occur while stopped since it is tremendously unsafe to generate that type of content while driving with other cars around.

Nissan Hyper Punk

Under all that pomp and technological and creative pageantry, hides an electrical assembly that Nissan has not wanted to comment on. No performance figures, no battery capacity or autonomy. Of course, the Hyper Punk comes equipped with a V2X system that allows you to use the car’s energy as a power source for a multitude of devices. It can also supply power to a home or office so that in the event of a blackout, content creators will not have their activity interrupted in the event of a blackout. The same technology was used by the other concepts presented this month, the Nissan Hyper Adventure and the Nissan Hyper Urban.

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