Opel Manta-e 2025: All the secrets of the legendary car

Weeks ago, Opel confirmed the return of one of its legendary cars, the Manta, a vehicle that will adapt to the future by inheriting part of the essence of the classic car.

The great objective of Opel/Vauxhall is to become a one hundred percent electric car manufacturer in 2028, that is, in just six years. To do this and like Renault’s Renaulution strategy, the German manufacturer of the Stellantis Automotive Group will revitalize some of its classic models to adapt them to new propulsion technologies.

One of the returns already officially confirmed by the top managers of the German firm corresponds to the return of the mythical Manta. One of the coupés that broke the most hearts in the last century will be revitalized in three years with remarkably different bodywork, more specifically an SUV type and with notorious coupé-type aesthetic touches at the rear, as a clear tribute to the classic car.

According to official information already advanced, the new Manta of the 21st century will have nothing to do with the 2021 Manta GSe Elektromod concept, whose design is based on the legendary car of the 70s. The new vehicle in question will be developed under a fully electric propulsion platform, an architecture that other new cars from the Stellantis Group will also share.

Opel Manta-e 2025

Uwe Hochgeschurtz, the CEO of Opel, has described the new Manta as a “ very emotional car ” that will offer quick acceleration thanks to the electric powertrain and will focus on driving pleasure while staying true to the original vehicle in that regard. However, Hochgeschurtz has also claimed that the new Manta will be a “ fascinating and amazingly spacious new interpretation ”, confirming the five-door SUV/Crossover body style already advanced by one of the first official illustrations available.

In this illustration, a large part of the new design language of the German brand can be captured, with a vehicle with crossover/SU V lines with an elegant and dynamic rear drop of the roof, in the style and likeness of the coupés. Other hallmarks of its exterior design will be reflected through the Vizor-type front grille in black, the two-tone bodywork (with the hood and roof in black), the marked center line on the hood, and the LED graphics, introduced by the new generation Mokka.  

On the other hand, the 2025 Opel Manta-e will likely share some other design cues with the also-announced Astra Cross, so both models could sport the same or similar aluminum-style skid plates and subtle plastic cladding around them. of the bodywork. As a final and distinctive touch, the new Manta-e could sport the chrome stingray emblem in the profile as a clear nod to the original car.


As for exterior dimensions, unofficial information anticipates that the new car could have a similar length to the 2022 Grandland, that is, around 4.47/4.50 meters long. The interior should offer more than enough space for up to five adult passengers to travel comfortably on board. As for the cabin configuration, the dashboard will be fully digital, as Opel already offers a 10-inch dual-screen configuration.

From a technical point of view, this new coupe-like SUV should start from the STLA Medium platform, a Stellantis architecture designed specifically for vehicles with efficient propulsion technologies that measure between 4.20 and 5 meters in length.

This STLA Medium platform from Stellantis can support batteries with a capacity between 87 kWh to 104 kWh, which should initially provide an electric range of up to 700 km. Opel has already confirmed a “best in class” fast charging capability, adding 32 km (19.9 miles) of range per minute. As for its possible versions, this interesting new electric Manta could offer variants between 125-180 kW (170-245 hp), or even incorporate two high-performance electric motors that could add up to 330 kW (449 hp).

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