Oslo taxi drivers start testing with up to 400 kW wireless charging

The taxi is one of the sectors with the greatest potential for the electric car. It allows to reduce emissions and considerably lower operating costs for professionals. But recharging during the days is a logistical challenge that has yet to be overcome. Now in Oslo, they are testing a technology that has great potential to allow taxi drivers to recharge their electric cars at stops in an extremely simple way.

Several stops have been enabled to test wireless charging technology throughout the center of Oslo. Both the Vika street stop, as well as the Skøyen stop, in Nydalen, as well as in the vicinity of the port. In these two induction charging systems have been installed that can be used by a fleet of 25 Jaguar i-Pace adapted to use this system, and whose owners will be able to recharge their batteries while they wait for new customers, all without having to go down and connect or disconnect the car as the line of vehicles advances at the stop.

Those responsible for the project include the manufacturer Jaguar-Land Rover, the taxi company Norgestaxi, the specialist in recharge points Recharge Infra, and the manufacturer of induction systems American Momentum Dynamics.

400 kW wireless charging

According to its organizers, the cost of the infrastructure will not be much higher than that of traditional charging equipment, and each point will be able to offer a power of up to 400 kW, which will depend on the capacity of each vehicle.

A simple adaptation to be able to use this technology that of course does not disable the load capacity through a traditional cable, and that opens a world of possibilities for sectors such as taxis, but also others such as delivery trucks, which will be able to recover part of their charge during the day simply by parking at one of these points.

A system that adds to its benefits the less exposure to inclement weather, in addition to the vandalism that will have very difficult to make a dent in these systems buried under the asphalt.

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