Porsche recalls 40,000 Taycan due to safety issue

The  Porsche Taycan already had problems a year ago, when  43,000 units were recalled for a  software problem that affected not only the Taycan but also the Taycan Cross Turismo. At that time, a fault in the current inverter caused the electric motor to turn off suddenly, and randomly, in some cases. Now there are another 40,000 units that have been affected by a  serious security problem.

Just a few days ago, Porsche’s electric car received a major  OTA update that introduces improvements to different electrical and electronic systems. Good news for their owners. However, a year after a software problem affected 43,000 owners, history is somewhat repeating itself. They have had to call no less than  40,000 units of the Porsche Taycan for review because, due to an electrical problem, the airbags could be deactivated in these units.

The Porsche Taycan airbag can be deactivated due to a serious safety flaw

According to available information, there are  40,421 units, exactly, which have been affected by the  Porsche Taycan. They are units from all over the world, and in the details, it is explained that the longitudinal adjustment movement of the driver’s or passenger’s seat can damage part of the wiring related to the airbag. This wiring, which can be damaged by simply adjusting the seat to the needs of the driver and his companion, has to do with the airbags and seat belt tensioners, details KFZ-Betrieb.

What has not been confirmed is exactly which airbags can be deactivated due to this serious safety flaw that affects thousands of Porsche Taycan units around the world. What is known is that the Stuttgart firm has informed the owners to go to a dealer as soon as possible. And it has also been reported that cloth tape will be used to protect the area under the seat and prevent damage to the wiring.

Porsche Taycan

Those affected are units of the Porsche Taycan manufactured between July 10, 2019, and May 18, 2021. However, the owners are being informed personally so that they can go to their dealership and solve the problem there. When that software problem occurred last year, Porsche reported that some of the pre-production testing processes would be intensified to prevent something like this from happening again.

And the truth is that the Porsche Taycan is his first electric car. And that in a way Porsche still lacks some experience in this type of vehicle. Therefore, the software problem of a year ago is something relatively understandable. However, this new problem related to airbags and seat belt pretensioners is something that is not understood that could have happened.

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