Porsche wants to develop its e-bikes in 2025

The acquired e-bike company Fazua is to supply the drives under a new name

Porsche is also taking off on two wheels. The car manufacturer also wants to develop its e-bikes in the future. Two joint ventures with the Dutch company Ponooc Investment are now starting operations.

The first of these joint ventures is Porsche eBike Performance, based in Ottobrunn near Munich. It is to develop electric drives for two-wheelers. This includes motors, batteries, and connectivity software. The second joint venture is called P2 eBike – powered by Porsche and based in Stuttgart. It is to use the drives from Ottobrunn to launch a new generation of Porsche e-bikes from the middle of the decade.

It is no coincidence that the Porsche eBike Performance is located in Ottobrunn. Because this suburb of Munich is also the headquarters of the Fazua company, in which Porsche acquired a stake at the beginning of 2022. In June, Porsche increased its stake from 20 to 100 percent, which means that the company was completely taken over. The company has now been renamed Porsche eBike Performance. The company will continue to develop drives under the old Fazua brand name, but also some under the Porsche brand name. Both product lines are to be sold to e-bike manufacturers worldwide.

The cooperation with the Dutch investor Ponooc had already been announced in February; even then there was talk of two planned joint ventures. 

The press release does not reveal what role Porsche’s majority stake in the Croatian e-bike brand Greyp will play in Porsche’s plans. This company is a sister company of Rimac, with which Porsche also has close ties in the automotive business.

Porsche e-bike

The Porsche e-bikes starting in 2025 are not the first. Like other car manufacturers, Porsche has been offering e-bikes under its brand name for a long time. The wheels are from Deer. Most recently, Porsche released two models in spring 2021. In addition, Porsche developed the Cyklær Bike together with Fazua and Greyp.

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