Ram 1500 EV: Fully Electric Pick-up will come 2024

Stellantis is the great North American manufacturer that has yet to put an electric pick-up on the market, specifically speaking of the North American one, and more specifically in the light-duty pick-up. Of the major manufacturers, the first to reach the electric segment is General Motors with a 2022 GMC HUMMER EV and Ford with a 2022 F-150 Lightning. Of the small ones, only Rivian has started making their R1T. For now, we’ll call it the 2024 Ram 1500 BEV.

Following the publication of a brief press release from Stellantis, we have a couple of sketches and little practical information. To date, we knew that the electric Ram 1500 will arrive as a 2024 model year and based on the group’s fourth 100% electric platform, called STLA Frame. As its name suggests, it consists of a frame of stringers and crossbars -in H or stairs- to which the body is screwed (body on frame), which is usually in the segment.

Preliminarily, we were told that the platform will be capable of housing electric motors on both axles and battery packs that allow a range of 800 kilometers. The data of a range from 159 to 200 kWh of capacity was given, much higher than the competition. The engineering may already be good to maintain the load capacity of the thermal versions and that the weight does not go beyond the limits of the category.

Ram, which is the commercial vehicle brand of Stellantis in North America, has given way to what they have called Ram Revolution, with a website included. They will contact customers in the segment to take note of their comments to create a pick-up that meets their expectations. In addition, they will take advantage of their relative delay – even Tesla will have put their Cybertruck pick-ups on the streets – to bring out a product that takes advantage of the experience of the segment’s pioneers.

Ram 1500 EV

While the development of the truck lasts, these comments will be taken for development. On the other hand, those registered on the website will be able to know how progress is being made in the creation of the vehicle. We understand that what is told there will not be anything that we cannot know all the others and will help generate movement in social networks.

“Ram once revolutionized what a pick-up could be, and is focused on doing it again with the best electric pick-ups on the market”

Until now, the thermometer that measures the market demand for light trucks with electric motors in the US market is provided by reservations, which are not formal orders. Ford stopped accepting reservations at 200,000 and is already translating to actual factory orders. That number sounds like little, Tesla has had more than 1.2 million accumulated reserves since November 2019. Be careful, they are $100 and refundable… For the size of the segment in the US, they are not such large figures, but they are significant given the virginity of the segment.

The arrival of the Ram 1500 BEV is part of having 100% electric versions in most of the segments where the group’s brands operate by 2025, and that in 2030 there will be available in all segments, whether they are 100% electric or electrified (hybrid). This strategy is based on the four aforementioned platforms and the multi-energy platforms that were in force at the time.

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