RAM 1500 Revolution Stellantis presents its new electric pick-up

The half-ton pick-up segment is one of the most important in the US market… as well as one of the fastest becoming electrified. The Ford F-150 Lightning is a complete success, the Tesla Cybertruck accumulates more than 1.5 million reservations, and General Motors already has three models of this type (Chevrolet Silverado EV, GMC Hummer EV, GMC Sierra EV).

Given this scenario, Stellantis could not sit idly by, so he attended CES 2023 (Consumer Electronics Show) with the RAM 1500 Revolution BEV Concept, a prototype that anticipates the arrival of an electric variant of the popular RAM 1500 for the year 2024. This model will be in charge of launching the STLA Frame platform, equipped with a chassis of stringers and crossbars.

Although data regarding its power and autonomy have not been revealed, it is known that it has all-wheel drive thanks to the use of two electric motors (one per axis). It has an 800-volt electrical system, which allows it to recover approximately 160 km of autonomy in just 10 minutes. The STLA Frame platform will be able to house batteries between 159 and more than 200 kWh, although the capacity of the pack used in the prototype has not been disclosed.

The RAM 1500 Revolution’s rear wheels can turn up to 15 degrees, which will benefit handling, while its 24-inch wheels are shod with 35-inch tires. From an aesthetic point of view, it is easy to differentiate the electric 1500 from a conventional pick-up, as it has a shorter hood, which translates into a cabin that is 10 centimeters longer than the thermal 1500 without the need to shorten the box.

RAM 1500 Revolution

The electric RAM 1500 will hit the market in 2024

Without reaching the rupture of the Tesla Cybertruck, the RAM 1500 Revolution boasts a modern and striking design, with Y-shaped optical groups that converge on the brand’s illuminated logo. The roof is painted black to visually lighten the whole, something that the digital mirrors also help with.

RAM 1500 Revolution interior

Access to the passenger compartment is done comfortably thanks to the absence of a B-pillar and the use of rear doors that open to the rear. The center console can be removed to increase space, or transformed into a work surface.

RAM 1500 Revolution

The Cabin Modes system, which adjusts lights, seats, sound system, roof opacity, and suspension height, completely transforms the interior with the push of a button.

RAM 1500 Revolution

In addition, there is a third row of seats, and the partitions with the cargo areas (both the frunk and the rear bed) can be folded down to transport goods up to 5 meters long. Nor can we fail to mention the double 28-inch touch screen. As for the attendees, the level 3 semi-autonomous driving system should be highlighted.

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