Tesla Gigafactory in Mexico will activate up to $15 billion investment

The race to attract new electric car and battery factories has a very powerful economic component since they are facilities with a great future, great added value, and which also represent a huge economic injection for the region. Something that the governor of the state of Nuevo León has just confirmed when estimating the money that will be transferred to the new Tesla factory in Mexico.

Until now, available data indicated that Tesla would invest $5 billion to build its new factory. A figure that the governor of the Mexican state where Tesla will be installed has tripled, estimating that Tesla’s investment and that of its suppliers will reach $15 billion in the next two years.

The political representative’s comment is important from the point of view that it confirms that an installation of this caliber, in addition to generating thousands of jobs, also moves large amounts of money. But it also means that public administrations have to mobilize to launch the necessary infrastructure, such as roads and other elements, to guarantee the proper functioning of the works and the factory.

The statements are also interesting from a chronological point of view since the words of the Governor of Nuevo León indicate that we have at least two years of work ahead of us to begin production at the Tesla factory in Mexico. Something that would mean that this would not begin until at least the end of 2025. That is if Tesla manages to start the works before the end of 2023.

Tesla Gigafactory

An announcement comes at a time when other large groups have opted for Mexico to manufacture their electric cars, BMW, General Motors, and Ford, which is turning the country into an attractive location for the new generation of electric vehicles.

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