Next Tesla Model Y comes with radical changes and new name

Unless there is a surprise, the  Tesla Model Y should close the year as the best-selling car in Europe throughout  2023. And not only is it a notable milestone for electric cars, but it is also the first time in history that a non-European car has achieved this feat. The fact is that it continues to have overwhelming success, but it has fallen behind after the brand released the  Tesla Model 3 Highland. And it is expected that under the name Jupiter, a major restyling will be released next year in 2024 that will also positively affect its performance.

The Tesla Model 3 needed a restyling and it came, and the brand has got everything right with the Highland. For its part,  the Tesla Model Y is selling much better and could wait longer, but it is time to update it because it is true that there are more and more Chinese rivals, and even European ones, that are beginning to catch up. So the  Tesla Model Y 2024 (Juniper)  is on the way, and this recreation tells us what its design will be like, with changes inherited most of them directly from the Tesla Model 3 Highland. New headlights, an updated front, matrix LED lights, and also a substantial aerodynamic improvement, among other new features.

These are the changes to the Tesla Model Y 2024 that we hope will arrive, and that will put the model on par with the Model 3 Highland

The aerodynamic improvement will come from the change in the front,  which is sharper and is not only focused on achieving better range but also on increasing comfort in the cabin by reducing the noise generated by the bodywork with the passage of air itself. At the rear, the aesthetic novelties would come from the introduction of new ‘C’-shaped  LED optics as in the Model 3 Highland, as well as new wheels and perhaps a new body color to complete the  Tesla Model configurator. And 2024.

In short, all the changes expected in the  2024 Tesla Model Y are, in essence, the same as those that have been carried out on the recently updated Tesla Model 3. It is expected that the same 15-inch diagonal central screen will be maintained, although with a renewed system, and again without compatibility with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. And taking a  greater role, because also in the medium SUV, the physical controls will be reduced to integrate various controls directly on the screen.

Tesla Model Y

For rear seat users, that new  8-inch screen should also be available in the  Tesla Model Y 2024, which not only serves to control the climate system but also as a  ‘multimedia tablet’ with access to streaming services. It will also have a surface with wireless charging for two mobile devices simultaneously and a large storage space located under the central armrest of the front seats. But what about its benefits?

What is expected is that the  2024 Tesla Model Y will be available with rear-wheel drive and also with all-wheel drive; in the first case with  230 HP of maximum power, and in the second with  340 HP of maximum power. On the other hand, as has already been done with the Model 3, in the Tesla Model Y 2024 there will be an improvement in range, which is now 455 km in the version with two motors and 533 km in the case of the Long Range. And despite all this, it is possible that prices will not change compared to the previous generation, since Tesla has made a great effort to reduce its production costs precisely to be much more competitive than these new options that are arriving. to the market.

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