Tesla Model 3 Performance will start production in March

After launching the new version of the Model 3, Tesla had an ace up its sleeve. The Performance version. A sporty variant that will need more than half a year to reach the market, a time in which the North American manufacturer has taken the opportunity to finally provide it with elements that differentiate it from the other versions.

Although the first units of the Model 3 Performance have already left the California production line, it will not be until March when mass manufacturing begins, and in addition to the American plant, the Model 3 Performance will also arrive from China.

Chinese media are precisely revealing internal information from Tesla, which indicates that the new Performance will have new features that will make it a much more interesting alternative.

It is indicated that it will have elements such as a logo on the rear, which is quite similar to the Model S/X Plaid logo. An explosion pattern can be understood as a scene where the car accelerates rapidly.

Among the rumors is that this involves the launch of a Plaid version, with three engines. Something with few possibilities, but that cannot be ruled out.

On the outside, Tesla will also take measures to differentiate the most powerful version from the rest. The new Model 3 Performance will be different from the normal version: it is expected to have new aerodynamic elements, giving it a more aggressive look, and it will also be equipped with exclusive wheels, as well as high-performance brakes and tires.

Tesla Model 3

The interior will also receive some changes, and for example, the materials of elements such as the seats are expected to be of higher quality. The ambient lighting will also be updated, as well as the windows, which will have a higher level of soundproofing.

In the absence of knowing whether or not there will be a Plaid version, at the moment everything indicates that the new Model 3 Performance will use a two-motor system with four-wheel drive, which will allow it to achieve a power of about 534 horsepower, with a time of acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h of approximately 3.3 seconds, and an approved range of about 600 kilometers WTP.

In addition, the Model 3 Performance will be equipped with specific software for the energy control system, to allow it to access high power requirements without efficiency problems.

The price remains to be known. At the time, in the previous generation, the difference between the Long Range Dual Motor variant and the Performance was 10% more for the sports version, therefore, the 2024 Performance version of the Model 3 should move around 54,900 euros.

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