Tesla opens first V4 Supercharger to all brands with card payment

Users of electric cars have complained, all of them, at some point, that the chargers do not have a greater facility to pay for the recharge. What drivers demand is that they can pay with a card at the charging point itself and without having to have a specific application. At the moment, nobody does it that simple, but Tesla has reacted before anyone else, once again, and they have already introduced this system in their new superchargers. The good thing is that we already know that others will soon copy it.

In many areas, Tesla has spent years setting the pace for what needs to be done in the electric car arena. The American company makes some decisions, and then the rest copy their measures. Well, hopefully, the operators of charging systems for electric cars will soon copy this new measure that they have carried out.

Because? Because now in the Tesla Supercharger V4, the latest generation, they already have a small screen and, above all, a contactless system that allows payment by card with absolutely no other additional process. Just like we pay for any purchase in any store. But come on, whether they want to or not, the rest of the manufacturers will have to implement this measure because it will be required in the European Union from the year 2024.

Paying with a card for electric car chargers is already possible

As we were advancing, and remember in Elective, this ease of payment through a contactless system, which ultimately allows charging with a card to be paid much more easily, is something that will be required from 2024 in the European Union for all chargers public. At the moment, the American company has already adapted its technology, by introducing its first Supercharger V4, which already has not only this simple technology but also a small screen that simplifies operations and control of the charging situation in real-time.

As they have shown in a video, these V4 Superchargers, with a KIA e-Niro, only require connecting the cable to the charging port and placing a credit or debit card in the contactless reader. By doing this, an automatic deposit is taken from the card which, when the load is complete, either refunds or reserves the difference. Until now, the process was somewhat more complicated, because you had to create a user account and start the charging process manually, also selecting the specific charging point to use directly from the application.

And now you can continue using the Tesla app, but you no longer have to register to start charging or to carry out the payment. Indeed, once again, Tesla has just given the rest of the operators a whole lesson on how chargers for electric cars should work. And we will see how the rest implement it, and if they manage to make it work in such a simple and reliable way, but what is clear is that they have a limited period to adapt their charging points to adapt to the requirements of the European Union for the next year 2024.

Tesla Supercharger

What is striking, and even ridiculous, is that it has to come by the imposition of the competent bodies in Europe and that it has not been something that the operators of charging points for electric cars have implemented on their own and from the beginningThis ad hoc payment system is a much simpler technology than the procedures they use today. However, it seems that the platforms have wanted to take advantage of ‘the novelty’ to generate users in their applications and have huge databases of users to retain loyalty. This is about to end, thankfully.

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