Tesla shows progress of its humanoid robot Optimus

Tesla has shown the latest updates to its Optimus robot, also called Tesla Bot. It has even opened its own Twitter channel, in which new videos have begun to be shown and in which it is described as “A general-purpose bipedal humanoid robot capable of performing unsafe, repetitive or boring tasks.”

The first time we heard about this robot was in 2021 at the IA Day event, in which the North American brand showed its advances in Artificial Intelligence. The following year, we could already see some of the prototypes moving and greeting the public. The latest advances show how these robberies are already beginning to be able to perform certain tasks.

The Optimus robot has already shown how it can organize different pieces on a table autonomously or even how it can perform various yoga postures. We have also been able to see him walking and performing other tasks in one of the Tesla Gigafactories, next to the highly anticipated Cybertruck. The tasks in their factories will be those that allow these robots to be tested and calibrated optimally.

If the prototypes did not demonstrate great things, these latest advances are already more significant and the movements seem more fluid and refined. Tesla’s humanoid robot uses the same technology as the brand’s cars, whether autonomous driving, AI, data networks… For example, they have been trained with end-to-end neural networks, just like the latest versions of the Full Self-Driving system.

Elon Musk insists on one of his most beloved creations, which could contribute could being one of the pillars (if not the most important) of the brand in the future. The Tesla boss assures that his Optimus robot is ” extremely underrated,” but that in a few years, it could reach a global demand of between 10 and 20 billion units.

The brand assures that this will be the first production robot to be sold in high volume and its objective, as we said, will be to perform repetitive, routine, and useful tasks to alleviate many of the workloads of humans.

Tesla Optimus

These robots are expected to have a price of about $20,000: they are 1.72 meters tall, weigh about 26 kg, and can walk at a speed of 8 km/h. At least, that’s what the prototypes revealed last year demonstrated. How far will Tesla go with his humanoid robot? If you’ve seen the movies ‘M3gan’ or ‘I, Robot’, you’ll wish they didn’t end the same way.

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