The best SUV of 2023 is a great equipped PHEV at an ICE price

We are talking about an SUV that has the dimensions of a KIA Sportage, or a Hyundai Tucson, among many other compact SUVs – in the C segment – that are sold today, and that come with a plug-in hybrid engine. The huge difference is that with its PHEV mechanics, it is even cheaper than its gasoline rivals. And of course, a simple gasoline engine has little to do with a plug-in hybrid that is much more efficient, uses much less gasoline, and, in addition, has the DGT Zero label. The thing is that, although surprising, this model is measured by price with alternatives that do not even have the ECO label.

To give you an idea, a KIA Sportage with a 150 HP 1.6 TGDi engine has a minimum price of 25,935 euros. And a Hyundai Tucson with the same engine, according to websites specializing in the sale of new cars, starts at a minimum price of 25,125 euros. And yet, the model we are talking about, which has 258 HP of maximum power with a plug-in hybrid engine, is available starting at 25,440 euros. And yes, we are talking about the MG EHS 2024 which, as you probably already know, has some other strong advantages over its main rivals, in addition to that much more recommendable engine.

A much better equipped and affordable SUV

As I was telling you, without a doubt the most notable thing about this model, the MG EHS 2024, is that it has much better mechanics than the rivals with which it is measured by price. For the simple reason of its plug-in hybrid technology, which can also be configured in alternative models but paying much more for it. Now, another of the great advantages that this newly renovated model can boast of is its extensive equipment included as standard, which, without a doubt, far exceeds what any of its competitors offer.

MG EHS 2024

And to this, we must add an ‘extra point’, and that is that it has a 7-year warranty, which exceeds the 5 that Hyundai offers in the case of the Tucson, and equals what is offered with the KIA Sportage. On the other hand, we must also take into account the savings that come with the fact that it is now being sold with one year of free comprehensive insurance. Come on, the plug-in hybrid engine is the most relevant, but of course, there are other aspects in which it also stands out in its segment. It also has large rear seats that make it perfect for family use.

MG EHS 2024 interior

But it’s not all advantages, of course not. The MG EHS 2024 also has some weaknesses that must be taken into account. Without a doubt, the most notable is in the trunk capacity, because a KIA Sportage has 571 liters of capacity, and a Hyundai Tucson offers 598 liters of trunk, however, the MG EHS 2024 is satisfied with 448 liters. This is not that it is bad, but it is true that this does reduce its options as a family car, and makes both the Tucson and the Sportage more recommended for different types of users.

The electrical system of the MG EHS 2024 allows it to circulate in fully electric mode for 52 km, which it declares, at most, of range. A plug-in hybrid system allows us, if we are going to make daily trips less than that maximum range, to use it normally as if it were a fully electric car, however, when we are going to travel greater distances we have a typical hybrid system, with the advantages of a gasoline and an electric combined. Of course, the savings with a powertrain of this type can be really important, and it costs the same as a gasoline car without any type of electrification.

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