The new Tesla Model 3 has arrived in Europe and deliveries begin immediately

The long-awaited renewal of the electric sedan that has broken all international records is now here. The first units are beginning to be delivered in Europe. Every time Tesla launches a new product on the market, the world holds its breath. Americans have managed to transform the industry over the years thanks to products that, over time, have earned a more than deserved reputation for efficiency and range. The Tesla Model 3 was the car that changed everything. An unbeatable sedan in terms of quality-price ratio. Its new version, the update presented at the beginning of last September, is now available in Europe. Deliveries have started in many countries.

After many months of waiting, Tesla launched the update of its Model 3 to, once again, leave the world speechless. Although the most obvious changes are visible to the naked eye, the aesthetics are updated and inside it receives new details and more equipment, the real novelty is found under the hood. The range is maintained, but the performance and range indices are improved to continue distancing itself from increasingly threatening competition. The batteries also receive new features, although they vary depending on the model.

Tesla Model 3 2024: Different batteries and an unbeatable price

As MIIT, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, has discovered, Tesla uses different chemistries to power its smallest sedan. The RWD units, with 191 kW (260 HP) of power, have an LFP battery signed by CATL that allows them to offer up to 513 kilometers of range. The dual motor model with 327 kW (444 HP) of power is powered by an NCM battery from LG Energy Solution that increases the range to 678 kilometers. In terms of chemical, in terms of capacities, the current figures of 60 kWh of capacity for the RWD model and 75 kWh of capacity for the dual-motor and long-range versions are maintained.

Tesla Model 3 has arrived in Europe

In the not-too-distant future, a third model will arrive in the range to fill the vacant position of the Performance unit. We recently learned that a Model 3 Plaid is closer than we all imagine. Tesla, for the moment, has not wanted to confirm details or performance data, but the first rumors point to a scheme of two motors capable of developing a joint power close to 441 kW (600 HP). This is another step in the performance climb. It is unknown when it will arrive.

What is known is that the first European dealers are already delivering the first units of the 2024 Model 3. Production started a few weeks ago at the Shanghai Gigafactory. The wait has been just a month and a half, enough time between production and transportation. The first ships had already arrived in the ports of northern Europe. In Europe, deliveries will be made immediately during the next few days. The attractive sales price, available between 39,990 and 49,990 euros, suggests a successful life for the Model 3. 

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