Is Tesla working on a radical Model 3 Plaid?

Last month, Tesla presented the long-awaited mid-cycle update of the Model 3. Known internally as Project Highland, this restyling has brought with it a renewed exterior and interior design, as well as numerous improvements on the technical level, including a significant leap forward in terms of autonomy without this translating into higher rates.

The initial range of the new Tesla Model 3 is made up of two versions, the RWD with one motor and the Long Range AWD with two. Curiously, the arrival of the facelift has meant the disappearance (at least temporarily) of the high-performance Performance variant, which has been one of the references in the category of medium-sized sports sedans for years.

A few weeks ago a series of documents were leaked on a Dutch forum indicating that the return of the Model 3 Performance was closer than ever. This has now been confirmed with the publication of the user manual and parts catalog for the Model 3 Highland, in which we can find some images of the sports version, which will include new brakes, suspensions, and tires.

Tesla Model 3

In a render of the rear, you can even see a badge similar to that worn by the Model S and Model However, it is unlikely that this change will be carried out, since Elon Musk, CEO of the company, stated at the time that this name would be reserved for his executive models.

The new Tesla Model 3 Performance could equip the front engine of the Model S

Since the more radical Model 3 will retain its two-motor configuration (the Model S and Model X Plaid use three), it will most likely continue to be called Performance. Therefore, the logo present on the trunk lid could serve to identify the most performance versions of the range regardless of whether they are Performance or Plaid.

Everything indicates that the new Tesla Model 3 Performance will be more powerful than its predecessor, since it may mount the same front engine that we can find in the Model S and Model X Plaid. In addition, it will also integrate all the improvements seen in the Long Range AWD, so its autonomy should also increase significantly.

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