These are the most serious rivals of the MG4 Electric

The electric car of the resurgent MG stands out for its sensational value for money, although it has some rivals.

The MG brand is experiencing an interesting resurgence. Since it was founded by William Morris in 1924 in the United Kingdom. Now, with Chinese capital behind it and a future of electric cars on the horizon, it is ready to conquer the market with models like the MG4 Electric. It is not uncommon to see some on the streets…

The MG4 is the first vehicle built on the MSP platform. A compact and 100% electric car with a curious exterior design and an advanced interior full of technology. In addition, its price is below 30,000 euros in its base version of 170 CV and up to 450 km of range.

Undoubtedly, a more than interesting bet when buying a car with a DGT Zero label and performance to match. Although if you are looking for a wider range to compare it… These are the main rivals of the electric MG4!

Cupra Born

The Cupra Born is Cupra’s electric compact car and sits on the same MEB platform as other similar vehicles in the group, such as the Volkswagen ID.3 . Its aggressive aesthetic does not renounce Cupra’s DNA and it is the sportiest option on the list.

Cupra Born

Its motorizations are more extensive. It has a base of 204 CV (150 kW) and 310 Nm for 424 km of range and the second version of 231 CV (170 kW) with up to 540 km of rangeIn addition, a 150 CV edition will arrive soon that could be even cheaper than the previous ones.

Inside, a multitude of details is identical to those of the Cupra León or Formentor. The biggest changes reside in the multimedia screen, the instrument panel, and a stick gear selector just behind the wheel. All this for a price that starts from 40,100 euros.

Volkswagen ID.3

The Volkswagen ID.3 is the counterpart to the Cupra Born, although it only has a 204 hp engine and three battery packs of 45 kWh with 330 kilometers, 58 kWh with 420 km, and 77 kWh with up to 550 km of range.

Volkswagen ID.3

Its aesthetic is quite elegant and again, it has a small size that makes it perfect for the urban environments that these EV vehicles are focused on. Its interior is inevitably reminiscent of Cupra in aspects such as the instrument panel, although with nuances.

In total, the VW ID.3 has four finishes: Entry, Business, Style, and Tour. The basic version with 426 kilometers of electric range starts at 45,010 euros without discounts applied, which makes it visibly more expensive than its rivals.

Peugeot e-208

By size, the Peugeot e-208 may be among the rivals of the MG4 and the previous electric ones. Surely its aesthetics is at the forefront. Dynamic, sporty, and with a spectacular interior that inherits from the general restyling of the Peugeot models.

Peugeot e-208

However, it only has a mechanic of 136 CV (100 kW) and 260 Nm of maximum torque with a 50 kWh battery that, in theory, provides a range of up to 362 kilometers, which in many cases is well below 300 km.

With applicable discounts, among which are the MOVES plan of the government in Spain, it can be yours for about 25,000 euros. A fairly solvent price for a car like this, although you will have to watch the battery level.

Electric Fiat 500

The electric Fiat 500 is the final member of this list, to which could be added its brother, the Abarth 500e which will go on sale in 2023. It is an eminently urban vehicle whose performance between cities can plummet.

Electric Fiat 500

It has an engine with 95 CV (70 kW) of power and a small 23.7 kWh battery that provides just 190 kilometers of range in the mixed cycle. Something that can be increased to just over 250 kilometers with limited use in the city.

With discounts and promotions, the Fiat 500e can reach a price of just 20,000 euros. A more than acceptable cost for its specifications and a fairly modest interior that does not go beyond what it should.

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