This car is the best alternative to MG ZS and cheaper

The MG ZS has arrived in the Europen market to eat it up and it has done so because it is the best-selling car in Europe in recent months. And yes, it indeed has a groundbreaking price for its dimensions, its features, and its equipment. Now, there is a great alternative that actually costs 750 euros less and that also has, among others, the enormous advantage that it can be purchased with the DGT ECO label. So it attacks right at the weak point of the MG ZS because this model is only available with the C label or, directly, with the Zero label in its fully electric versions.

The first thing to be clear about is that, although the MG ZS is announced for 13,990 euros as a base price, in reality, this rate is with more than a €3,000 discount for financing the purchase. Paid in cash, its real price is 17,190 euros, and this changes its situation in the market compared to rivals. The option we are talking about has a list price of 16,440 euros and yes, it is the ‘little brother’ of the Hyundai Tucson and the Hyundai KONA. We are referring to the Hyundai Bayon, which although it is not a very popular model, is one of the best purchase options that exist today among cheap SUVs.

Cheap Hyundai Bayon, the most interesting rival of the MG ZS

The Hyundai Bayon indeed has a 4.18-meter body, which is much smaller than the 4.32-meter that the MG ZS has, but despite this, it has spacious and comfortable rear seats, and it also has a 411-liter trunk. The MG ZS, yes, goes a little further with its 448 liters, but the difference is not as big as the one that exists compared to other models that can also be considered alternatives to the cheap MG ZS. So, for now, in terms of dimensions, the Bayon is lower but it is a good purchase option.

hyundai bayon

The price is lower in the case of the Hyundai Bayon, although with a 1.2 MPI engine with 84 HP of power. Yes, it has lower performance than the 106 HP 1.5 GDI that the MG ZS has, but it is indeed much more efficient. It is noticeable in its lower consumption, which in the long term there is no doubt that we will notice it in our pocket. And on the other hand, in driving they feel quite similar because, remember, the Hyundai Bayon is smaller and lighter than the MG ZS.

And the enormous advantage of the Hyundai Bayon is that, as we mentioned, even assuming an extra cost, it has two much better mechanics in its range. They are about the 1.0 TGDi MHEV engine, which can be purchased with 100 HP or 120 HP. The key to this mechanism is that it has mild hybrid technology, so it offers even lower consumption and, above all, the convenient ECO label from the DGT. This is the biggest point in favor of the Hyundai Bayon over the MG ZS, although I already warned you that these versions cost 2,700 euros more than the basic configurations of the range.

hyundai bayon

Mechanically, the Hyundai Bayon is much better than the MG ZS, but we have already seen that it is more compact and has less trunk. The differences are not huge, so Bayon can defend itself. Now, what should be highlighted in favor of the MG ZS is that it has much more equipment included as standard, in addition to offering a 7-year warranty compared to the 5-year warranty that the South Korean model has. Not only that, but the MG model is also sold with one year of free comprehensive insurance, so the savings can be significant depending on how we look at it.

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