This electric car costs under €10,000 and sold 200K units in 6 months

In just six months that it has been available on the market, this electric car has managed to break the mark of 200,000 units leaving the factory, and of course, the brand has celebrated the milestone. The secret to achieving this incredible volume of sales in record time is very simple, and it is that it is a model that is superior to the Dacia Spring in presentations and that, however, has a starting price of less than 9,500 euros per direct currency exchange. The good news is that it is a model that threatens to reach Europe soon, and here in the Old Continent there is a special lack of affordable electric cars.

This electric car comes with a 75 HP electric motor. Speaking of electric, it seems not very powerful, yes, but it is still the power offered by thermal cars like the Opel Corsa, the SEAT Ibiza, or the Hyundai i20 today, and they are larger models. With this engine, it can travel at a top speed of 130 km/h, so it is valid for moving on the highway. And it is a car that can be purchased with a battery with a 30 kWh energy storage capacity in its most economical version, or 38 kWh in higher configurations within its range.

Less than 10,000 euros and more than 400 km of range

The price range at which the BYD Seagull is available in China, its local market, starts at 9,480 euros and ends at just under 11,600 euros, at the direct currency exchange rate, which costs its most expensive version. And with the batteries that I told you before, the most economical offers 305 km of range, and the most expensive versions reach up to 405 km approved under the CLTC cycle. All this, in addition, to a direct current fast charging system that allows you to recover up to 80% in 30 minutes.

BYD Seagull

It is a small electric car, which only measures 3.78 meters long, 1.71 meters wide, and 1.54 meters wide, in addition to having a wheelbase of 2.5 meters. But a Dacia Spring is even more compact with its 3.73 meters. And both have 5 doors and 4 seats, so they are more suited as a second car or as a vehicle for use mainly in the city. The difference is that the BYD Seagull has more range and more power, in addition to having much superior equipment than that offered by a Dacia Spring here in Europe.

It is equipped with a 5-inch digital instrument panel, has a 12.8-inch rotating multimedia screen, is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and also has a wireless fast charging system for smartphones. These are just some small examples of the complete equipment with which a BYD Seagull leaves the factory, despite having an unbeatable price. Now, we can be completely clear that if it reaches Europe, which is something that is already being attempted, it will do so at a higher price than the prices in China.

All these are the reasons why the BYD Seagull is sweeping China and, in a matter of just half a year, the brand has already been able to celebrate the departure of its first 200,000 units from the factory where it is produced. It has already been speculated that Spain could reach around 15,000 euros; that is, being somewhat more expensive than the Dacia Spring. But its differences on a technical level, and in terms of the equipment it includes from the factory, should be enough for consumers to opt for it over a Dacia Spring.

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