Two affordable hybrid SUVs coming in 2024 are better than rivals

Although the prices of new cars are very, very high, some brands are putting pressure on the market with ‘low-cost’ options that are truly worth it. And during the next year 2024, the arrival of two new models is already planned, which will be a much cheaper option than what is now available, but also with a hybrid engine and good equipment included as standard. Two new SUV options that are worth waiting for in 2024.

If options like the MG ZS, which is already the best-selling car in Europe, or the Dacia Duster seem interesting to you right now, what is to come in 2024 will be even better. And no, unfortunately, it does not seem that any other brand is going to respond forcefully to these two products. It will be MG itself, and Dacia itself, that during next year 2024 will offer something even better than what they have right now in their catalog. These two new cheap SUVs that will arrive next year will be none other than the new MG ZS 2024, finally with a hybrid engine, and the Dacia Duster 2024 which, indeed, will also be available with new mechanics with the ECO label from the DGT.

MG ZS 2024 is the new cheap SUV that will finally have an ECO-labeled hybrid engine, taking ‘low cost’ to another level

The current generation of the Dacia Duster has been an incredible improvement at all levels compared to what was once the Romanian model. But with the Dacia Duster 2024, Renault’s ‘low cost’ is going to take another leap forward. It will be based on the CMF-B platform, already available in the rest of its models, and that will allow it to have hybrid engines like the one already in the Dacia Jogger Hybrid 140. Much better than the 1.0 ECO-G 100 HP current, which is a biofuel compatible with LPG and gasoline.


But the thing is that the Dacia Duster 2024, which will be based on the design language of the Bigster concept released years ago, will have a much more modern design and will grow slightly in dimensions. This generation change will also be used to improve interior quality and, at the same time, give the economical SUV a more complete equipment package than that offered by the current version of the model. And we’ll see what they do, but of course, they should adjust the prices of the MG ZS if they want to be truly competitive again.

For its part, the MG ZS 2024, which will not be a new generation but a restyling, will focus as planned on updating its design to have a more modern appearance. And it will take advantage of the opportunity to finally have at least one hybrid version that allows it to have the ECO label from the DGT. Right now this is the biggest shortcoming that the model has and, of course, adding a mechanism like this to its range will help it remain the sales leader that it is right now in Europe. Above all, it will continue to strive to be the cheapest hybrid SUV that can be purchased in our country within its category.

MG ZS interior

In addition to these changes, in the MG ZS 2024 it is expected that better equipment will also be introduced than it already has today, but specifically in terms of technology. That is, the improvements should be focused specifically on the digital instrument panel, which will integrate the specific information from its electrified engine into the hybrid version. And also on the multimedia system screen which, although it may remain at 10.1 inches, should be renewed to become more sophisticated than the current one.

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