Volvo XC50 This will be the new electric coupe SUV

We anticipate what the future Volvo XC50 will look like, the new electric coupé SUV on which the Swedish firm is already working and which will arrive in 2024.

The SUV range of almost any manufacturer is constantly growing. If an existing model is not renewed, a new one is introduced that expands the offer and tries to reach an increasingly wide audience. The latest news that we have news of is the future Volvo XC50, the new electric SUV coupe that Volvo is already working on and whose marketing is scheduled to start after the summer of 2023.

After announcing the arrival of the Volvo XC20, an electric B-segment SUV that will see the light in 2023, the Swedish firm has revealed that next year we will have an important novelty that we will know on March 2. It will not be the XC20, nor will it be a preview of it, nor will it be the natural substitute for the V40, according to Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson.

Volvo XC50, a preview of the new electric coupé SUV

Everything indicates that it will be a new coupé SUV in which Volvo is already working to put on sale next September. We have anticipated this launch and we offer you a first image of what this new model will be like, which could be baptized as Volvo XC50, although the possibility that it receives the name of XC40 Coupé is not ruled out.

Be that as it may, the new model will be inspired by the Lynk & Co 05, a coupé-cut SUV that presents this aerodynamic shape that the CEO of Volvo is looking for. It will be based on the current design language of the Göteborg company, so we will have a closed grille and thin headlights with the “Thor” bar as daytime running lights. Meanwhile, the roof will drop as it reaches the height of the B-pillars, giving it that elegant coupe-like image that European buyers love so much.

At the rear, the new XC50 will feature a modern taillight design that should follow the company’s vertical headlight strategy. It will be based on the CMA platform, an architecture initially designed for models with a combustion engine and later adapted for use in electric cars.

For now, the technical details are very limited, but since it will be 100% electric, it would not be unreasonable to think that it will share its powertrain with the Volvo XC40 Recharge. Perhaps it offers a little more power and autonomy. We will know more data in the coming months, as well as confirmation from Volvo for what will finally be its commercial name.

Source; Autobild

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