Volvo’s new electric car has more range and is cheaper than its rivals

Who would have ever thought that a Volvo would be cheaper than a Smart? Well, today, this is indeed the case, as surprising as it may be. And the model we are talking about is the latest electric car that the Swedish brand has launched, which, by the way, is owned by Geely. That is, Volvo shares technology with Link & Co, with Polestar, and also with Smart itself. This model is even cheaper than some comparable hybrids, and despite this, it has very good range and, above all, extraordinary interior quality with truly complete standard equipment.

Many examples could be given, because the Volvo EX30 is cheaper than a DS3 E-Tense, for example, and it also costs less than a Smart #1, than a Mazda MX-30,  than an Opel Mokka-e, or even more. cheaper than an electric Hyundai KONA. The Swedish brand has gone all out with the launch of its latest electric car, which combines excellent technology for its electric drivetrain with top-notch qualities, a very tasteful design, and Complete standard equipment. It has made it very difficult for all its competitors, direct and indirect, and it is proposed as the best purchasing option in its category.

The keys to the Volvo EX30, an electric car so cheap that it surprises with everything

The price of the Volvo EX30 is a minimum of 27,000 euros, with applicable discounts and maximum support from the MOVES III Plan. We are talking about an SUV with an aerodynamic body that is 4.23 meters long, which also measures 1.54 meters high, and has a trunk capacity of 318 liters. Ok, it’s not that it has a particularly large trunk, but within its dimensions, it is a balanced figure and can be a good option for not too-intensive family use. However, these are not the most relevant data.

Volvo EX30

The most interesting thing is that the Volvo EX30, which of course has premium finishes in its cabin, and with very good standard equipment, is available with a 51 kWh battery and 69 kWh of energy storage capacity. With these two batteries, the Volvo EX30 can offer a minimum of 344 km of WLTP rangeand reach a maximum of 480 km, which are figures that are good compared to what its competitors offer.

Regarding the power with which the Volvo EX30 is available, it can be purchased with 272 HP in the most economical versions and reaches a maximum of 428 HP, and this is because, in addition to being available with two different batteries, it is also sold with two drive configurations. The lower-power version has only one electric motor, and the more powerful version has two electric motors and, of course, an all-wheel drive system that allows it – among other things – to offer faster acceleration.

Volvo EX30 interior

To give us an idea of ​​how cheap this new Volvo EX30 is, an alternative would be the Opel Mokka-e, also electric, with only 136 HP of power and 319 km of range, which costs 30,200 euros. That is, it is already 3,000 euros more expensive and, of course, it is a much worse purchasing option. An electric Hyundai KONA, for example, has prices starting at 28,640 euros. Indeed, Smart #1, with which the Volvo EX30 shares technology, can be purchased for a minimum price of 34,890 euros. So, of course, Volvo has hit the target with the approach of the Volvo EX30, and due to its relationship between price and performance, it should take a short time to become one of the best-selling electric cars in its category.

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