With its 10-year warranty and affordable price, is this Hybrid the best family car?

We are talking about the best-selling car in the world, so there is no doubt that it is a reference model in every sense. This model in question is a family car that, for everything it offers, is cheap. But right now it is also available at a discount of 3,300 euros which, of course, makes it much more attractive. In addition, it has recently been renewed and has more power than it extracts from its hybrid engine. And if all this seems not enough to you, its 10-year warranty will surely convince you.

The model we are talking about is the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports; that is, the family version of the best-selling car in the world. An ‘old-fashioned’ family compact that stands out for having the best hybrid technology. In its latest iteration, which arrived recently, it has a 1.8-liter hybrid engine that in its cheapest version of the range develops 140 HP of maximum power. In addition, it can also be purchased with 196 HP although it is more expensive. And the best thing is that, although powerful, it has a ridiculous gasoline consumption that can even be below 4 L/100 km.

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports is the best family car

The Toyota Corolla Touring Sports has a body that is 4.65 meters long and, in addition to enormous rear seats, it also stands out because it has a trunk capacity of 598 liters. Although with a different body, it could be compared to things like a KIA Sportage or a Hyundai Tucson, for example. It is smaller, but it has a similar trunk, it is cheaper, and on top of that, it has lower consumption than these SUV options.

In its cheapest version of the range, the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports has a 1.8 HEV engine with 140 HP maximum power and is also sold in another configuration with 196 HP. Even the entry-level version is more than enough for family use, and in its most efficient option, it consumes less than 4 L/100 km. On the other hand, it stands out for being a very comfortable model to drive and designed to travel long distances without notable fatigue.

Toyota Corolla Touring Sports

But the most interesting thing is that, as we mentioned before, right now, even though it has just been renovated, it can be purchased with a discount of 3,300 euros on its official price. This means that in its cheapest version of the range, which by the way has good equipment included as standard, it has a price of only 28,850 euros. In any of its versions it has an e-CVT automatic transmission that, although it is not as pleasant to drive as a double clutch, it is true that it has simple maintenance and very high reliability and, in addition, stands out for its efficiency. It should also be noted that year after year, this transmission has greatly improved since the first Toyota hybrids.

A great alternative to the Toyota Corolla Touring Sports is the Hyundai i30 CW, which starts at just 22,695 euros with a 120 HP mild hybrid engine, and which also has an ECO label from the DGT. In this model, consumption is also very low, it also has enormous rear seats and also has a trunk capacity of 602 liters. Or the KIA Ceed Tourer which, although it has a smaller trunk of 512 liters, also has a groundbreaking price of at least 22,137 euros and again with 120 HP of power. Of course, the KIA model, which has a 7-year warranty, does not have mild hybrid technology.

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