2023 Honda Civic Type R shows its face, debut July 20

Honda has been developing its Civic Type R for some time and they have been teaching it to us little by little, on different circuits and achieving different times. The Japanese firm has been heating the atmosphere although, curiously, it does not seem that the rest of the brands are very interested in overshadowing it, far away is that war between the sports compacts of the different brands. Now, the important thing is electrification and high-performance cars are no longer interesting for general manufacturers.

Even so, Honda has continued with its Civic Type R, possibly the last Type R with a solo combustion engine, to polish details and get it ready for its presentation, which already has an official date: next July 20. At least as far as the North American version is concerned, this date has been confirmed by Honda America. However, it is not a relevant fact, since it would not be the first time that the North American or Japanese version is presented, and later, the model is put on sale throughout the world.

The new generation of the Japanese compact arrives precisely to celebrate its half-century of life and will be available in Spain in October (prices and range in our country are already known). The most radical and most desired version by the fans will arrive a little later and it is rumored that it will be a limited edition and not a mass production as before. Undoubtedly, credible information if we take into account what was said above and the change of interests in all manufacturers and users.

According to Honda, when it is put into circulation it will be “the most powerful and high-performance Civic Type R in history” it is said that it has already broken the lap record at the Nürbugring for front-wheel drive and that it will be one of the sales arguments and also, one of the arguments with which you will show off during your presentation. As if that were not enough, the Honda Civic Type R will only be sold with a six-speed manual transmission, there will be no automatic transmission, not even as an option.

2023 Honda Civic Type R

Under the hood will continue to be the 1,996 cc turbocharged four-cylinder (K20C1), whose base dates back to 2001, when it debuted naturally aspirated in the Honda Civic Type R and Integra Type R at the time. In theory, this engine undergoes a new evolution for the occasion, but although the brand claims that it will be the most powerful Civic Type R, no changes are expected in the engine figures and therefore it is expected that it will continue to produce 320 hp and 400 Nm. of pair If there are changes, they will not be many and there will not be an excessive increase in power.

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