Alfa Romeo will launch a new electric model every year

Alfa Romeo, which aspires to become the global premium brand of the Stellantis group, will be 100% electric in its main markets by 2027. The Italian firm, led by Jean-Philippe Imparato, has an ambitious roadmap that includes the launch of at least one new electric model per year between now and 2030.

“We are going to launch one car a year until 2030. So this year there is the Tonale. In 2024 we will have a launch that […] will meet the expectations of the owners of a MiTo or a Giulietta. It will be both mild-hybrid and electric. This will also be Alfa Romeo’s first electric model,” Imparato explained in a recent interview with the French media L’Argus.

This model will be a B-SUV (or rather a small sports crossover ) related to the Jeep Avenger. It will be manufactured in Tychy, Poland, and will use the second-generation CMP/eCMP modular platform. The name of the long-awaited entry proposal from Alfa Romeo will be announced in September.

The manager hopes that the transition, although rapid, does not imply a change in the company’s philosophy since he wants his electric cars to maintain their characteristic agility“That is a great challenge. It will be necessary to optimize all the elements around the battery to the maximum so that the behavior on the road is that of an Alfa Romeo ».

The replacement for the Alfa Romeo Giulia will arrive in 2025

The first Alfa Romeo car conceived exclusively as electric will arrive in 2025 to replace the Giulia. It will be “a high-performance vehicle that will produce between 350 and 800 CV, will offer 700 km of range, and will recharge in 15 minutes. We want to make a substitute electric car, not a transition.

Alfa Romeo Tonale

Two more launches will follow in 2026 and 2027, probably an SUV set to replace the Stelvio and a flagship located in the E segment. Each model will have its own Quadrifoglio sports version. The corporate design will gradually evolve, because although both the Scudetto (the classic V-shaped grille) and the driver-focused cockpit will be maintained, “you cannot do vintage”.

It is not clear which models will arrive in 2028, 2029, and 2030, but if we had to bet, we would do it for a compact (Giulietta), a utility (MiTo), and a 100% electric replacement for the Tonale. On the other hand, other projects are also being studied, including a low-running supercar inspired by the 33 Stradale, as well as a new generation of the Spider Duetto.

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