Alfa Romeo will launch an electric SUV to rival the best

The Italian brand will hit the table in the coming years with a new range of electric cars. They will be crowned by a new luxury SUV that will seek to rival the most cutting-edge in the sector. Alfa Romeo will put a 100% electric SUV on the market with which to stand up to the leading models in the segment. This is what they propose in the Autocar media, where they affirm that the brand already has an advanced plan for the development of this zero-emission vehicle focused on the E segment.

According to what they published, and after contact with Jean-Philippe Imparato himself, CEO of Alfa Romeo, this electric SUV will be positioned one step above the next replacement of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio. “It will be the highest of the offering” of the brand, stated the head of the company.

A luxury electric SUV

Despite having a positioning that will seek to rival luxury vehicles, the future Alfa Romeo SUV will have a height not as high as its rivals, to improve aerodynamic efficiency. It will be based on the automobile group’s STLA Large platform, which it will share with the new generation of the Stelvio and Giulia, as well as with other Stellantis models, such as DS, Lancia, or Maserati, for example.

It will have an 800-volt architecture, which will allow for ultra-fast charging, replenishing 80% of its capacity after 30 minutes of plugging in. Although no specific data is known in this regard, it is expected to be around 800 kilometers of electric range, thanks to a large-volume battery and optimized electric motors. The use of this platform will also present the possibility of including high-performance mechanics with powers of more than 1,000 HP.

Imparato himself has admitted in his speech that it will be a car with a clear focus on markets such as the United States or China, where large vehicles have a strong presence: “If I stick only to Western Europe, we would never build this car because the volumes are very small.” Among other things, it is known that it will have a new and revolutionary design for the brand, in which the classic Alfa Romeo front will have a leading role never seen before.

Alfa Romeo Tonale

Additionally, thanks to the use of the aforementioned advanced technology platform, the Alfa Romeo electric SUV will be able to have high levels of autonomous driving and driving support or aids. However, from the top they are not very supportive of the work of these assistants and assure that “this will be an Alfa Romeo to drive. The dynamics of the car, that’s where I put all my energy,” said Imparato.

In terms of rivals, Alfa Romeo will seek to put such established models in the sector as the BMW iX, the Mercedes EQS SUV, or the future electric Porsche Cayenne in serious trouble. Its price could be in line with that of its rivals since it is expected to be no less than €100,000  starting. Its arrival is scheduled for 2027, although before that the brand will show prototypes or conceptual models to investigate the market possibilities.

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